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12 Fav. Created with Sketch. Sleeps halfway down the bed in a little ball surrounded by pillows. HAIKYUU: TEAM DATE TECH (GRUNGE STYLE) • Millions of unique designs by independent artists. Mucks around with the temperature of the ac way too much because he gets too hot. aone takanobu. The blankets all are a mess and his limbs are everywhere but his face is really pretty, Yaku: finds it hard to sleep because he’s so stressed because of Lev. respect your elders’ like your his own personal hype man. Customize your avatar with the Haikyuu! It used to be that overdramatic whistling exhale but now its real. That’s when he turns off the lamp. he does start to pick up on when you have your mind set, and he learns he can’t stop you after that lmAO, but he doesn’t help you go through with whatever you want, because he doesn’t usually see a point

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