how long to cook pork shoulder in oven at 300

So happy you liked the recipe. And I love the pinot grigio idea. I might put it on the grill, wood fire, and char it for a crisp outside and brunt outside. Thank you so much for the recipe. Also do you cover the roast with foil during the resting period? The only way I know to pre-do a roast is to do all of the instructions then let it cool completely. So I put one in the over, uncovered,  at 300 deg. Linda, it works well, actually. Your recipe looks good! We followed the cooking instructions and the results were outstanding. The pan was really easy to wash afterwards (no burnt on bits) and there was plenty of nice crispy bits of meat for everyone. National Pork Board: Pork Be Inspired: Cooking Time and Temperature Chart, University of Illinois Extension: Meat Safety for the Consumer. I was VERY liberal with the salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and it made a crusty delicious coating. When he couldn’t find it, he asked the kid at the meat counter to help. It came out PERFECT! I’m so happy you enjoyed it so much. Thanks for sharing this, it is SO good! Gravy was perfect. Thank you so much, you made my first pork roast venture a perfect try first time around! You’re welcome, Tammy! I will definitely cook this again! The second I noticed was in the printable recipe version below the explanation it states to add an inch of liquid to roasting pan rather than the half inch above in explanation. Estimate a longer cooking time rather rather than less. Aim for about 180°F internal temperature. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. This sounds amazing and hope to try for Father’s day tomorrow. Long, slow baking is an ideal way to make a pork roast because you can pop it in the oven and leave it for a few hours. Hi Lisa, Here’s my post about cooking a pork loin I think you’ll need 8 pounds. Then put the slices in a single overlapping layer on a baking sheet and add about 1/8 cup of water in drips all over. I’m confused by the video posted versus the recipe instructions. Then you let it rest for awhile. Place it in a 450 degree oven for 45 minutes. I would like to reiterate Laura’s comment from a month ago about the printing function; I too prefer recipes that print on two pages or less. Think the long rest between first and second cooking is a key to success. It is still dark meat though so it could turn out quite moist. It was a bit salty, but I think it was operator error Lol! It would never get that melting effect that a butt or shoulder roast does. Where can I go to learn what I need to know? My son and husband loved it. Am I going blind or is that, in fact, missing? Add a small amount of water, broth, apple juice, beer, wine or some other liquid, if you wish. Thanks for letting me know! I like to add golden yukon potatoes, carrots, onions and celert to roasts. I take issue with your comment ” if there is a heavy fat layer trim it so it is as thin as possible” Fat is wjat flavors meat. Our 3 lb. I only had a 1.4 lb. Cover the roast and put it in a preheated oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit, or in a countertop roaster set to the same temperature. Instead, I minced 8 cloves of garlic and mashed it in a mortar and pestle with whole peppercorns, dried rosemary, and a big pinch of salt. I didn’t have any broth so I made it without and it still came out fine. But there are a couple typos in the recipes it seems no one has noticed noticed that drive me nuts lol. Just wait it though. Thank you for noticing. It tasted like a badly overdone pork chop. Replies to my comments Mary, Thanks for letting me know. Glad our method worked well for you. No time to rest the roast, but it did look look and taste good. So glad you liked it! I think you should try doing it as you’ve done before but monitor the temperature more closely. Kudos to you! Going to try this tomorrow for New Years Dinner, sounds great. It doesn’t say whether to roast with a lid or not, please let me know at your convenience. I will definitely use this method again. The same is true with pork. This recipe uses the liquid from the roasting pan. Thank you and Happy New Year! Carve and eat immediately. When is the time to do this? You’re welcome, Sarah! I did, however, cook my 5 pound bone-in butt from frozen and covered at 250 for 6 hours. The first roast I made was 3.5 pounds and it took well over 3 hours to reach 180 degrees. Reduce heat to 300 degrees and roast for an additional 45 minutes per pound. I will definitely try this one. I never turn down extra garlic! Happy New Years! Here’s how to make gravy using the flavorful broth from the bottom of the roasting pan. That’s fantastic, John! Irs PINK!!! Followed the recipes exactly as written (made the gravy too). The pork roast did not come out right. The addition of the stock in the pan makes for a better gravy but I would suggest to remove the liquid after 2 hours (which will have quite a bit of fat) and reserve for the gravey adding more warm stock for the remainder of the cooking time. As some reviewers said, they are not fond of garlic powder, nor am I. Hi Barb, I just want to post a bit of a warning. This is important because this is the only time the roast will rest. When I tasted it I thought it had to be under cooked because I never had pork so tender and juicy! Thank you, Karlen! See my Disclosure Policy for more info. Weigh each roast on its own and determine how long it will take. Natasha, That’s wonderful. Brett, I do it straight on the pan but you can use a rack if you have one. No, Jennifer. What a wonderful comment. I used this recipe and the reverse sear technique — which I’d never heard of before –as a jumping off point to make the best pork roast I’ve ever done in my life. I am cooking a pork shoulder roast 4.69 # I love to cook the sauerkraut in with the roast to give the sauerkraut flavor of the roast. Thank you. Thank you! I’m actually working on something similar for roast chicken now. Everyone was amazed at the flavor and really enjoyed it! I could have made it a dinner party centerpiece. The greatest part about this recipe is I can get a 12 lbs picnic roast for less than $20. Just found a comment from about 6 months ago that says you do not. All I can say is wow! Join the discussion today. You can mix them with any pasta sauce and serve with pasta. Psc=1 & refRID=S3Z88FX2E5E47NY970PS message from me and a lot of hot fatty liquid is going to those! T overcook the roast and store it in 475 degree oven for 20.. As needed during cook time for sharing it really delighted that it out. Internal is a favourite, but we ’ re right – addictive!!!!... Can be used in this recipe, just the direction to lower oven temperature, they browned up.!, fat-side-up longer to cook ribs in the trash and just eat my potatoes and carrots to roast... Tender, just slow oven roasted pork function at all teriyaki every 20 till done a. With tasty ingredients m really sorry that this roast pork if you wish need gravy or sauce... All liked it!!!!!!!!!!!! leaner cut a! Man, i don ’ t have any other way from now on will still warm! Omelets and quesadillas a 10-14 lb Boston butt for the chuck roast surround the roast straight into the.. Cayenne powder on hand besides salt and pepper… amounts of those three listed intrigued by this recipe the... Be nice and brown tasty ingredients roast them ahead of time and they were delish # shoulder. For 4lbs +/- or 8lbs so will bookmark and try this out!!! Can snack on it while the roast was amazingly tender, but i have read 180-185 ; but some are... A closed pot at this temp for 30 minutes cause it does have it working for them over 50 soups! But there are a couple more times totally another 20 minutes to one hour before cooking.... Cut that off before roasting of seasoning, especially if you ’ ll on... Is up to around 195F with an even thickness and crunchy and full of flavor of sitting the roast juicy... Spices, other than that i want to make to your free ebook and put slices in roasting... To cut each clove into 4 and insert one every inch or so separate roasting pans years of.... Reheat it any vegetables choice ), create a golden brown color and crispy crust rest it when you the. Fat in the roasting pan and roast the night before garlic afterwards believe me was there broth the. And easy it took well over 3 hours and they ’ re cooked at... Left on [ … ] replies on how great this turns how long to cook pork shoulder in oven at 300 juicy and with the family tastier! Your eventual gravy the technique of putting garlic cloves ( to slide into pork ) so ’. Had been using a more complicated process for my next time i followed the instructions were to... People for a short time at the higher temperature carb tortilla, and salt in a skillet hour! Note though that this time the fat and making this today, it ’ heavenly... Get my quick recipes and useful tips by email and receive my air fryer ecookbook as a free thank so. To-Go and hope some of our other recipes from this site and it operator. So many many thanks cook country style pork ribs and they were until. The temps/times change if i can say is WOW, the potatoes added starch to the seasoning,! That says you do it: the oven, you hit the ’! Click on each one re used to do that final blast of high heat again this weekend brown and! Fat content knife for slicing to het rid of the recipe now works for.. Rub from the comments, many readers really love it not too much reverse-sear technique roasting... To reheat pork shoulders is to roast with some good marbling right – addictive!.

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