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Nothing personal, kid.Concealment Operative / Scrapper Scoundrel Tactical. There are two defensive uses for Evasion: Evasion is much stronger as an offensive cooldown with the Blow for Blow utility, which lets you reflect 150% of the direct single target damage you take for the duration of Evasion. This burst rotation is ridiculously unsustainable and can only be done once every 3 minutes. In addition, when Collateral Strike damages a target, you recover 2 Energy. Every time you get attacked, the active cooldown of Evasion is reduced by 3 seconds. If Adrenaline Probe is off cooldown, there’s no need to use Crippling Slice until Adrenaline Probe has been used. The effects are nice, but there will always be better utilities to take in this tier. The upcoming SWTOR Expansion – ‘Onslaught’ – will introduce a many changes for each Class in the game. This ability should only ever be used if Corrosive Dart is already on the target and you are still out of melee range. There are two reasons for this: Make sure that the full duration of Stim Boost is always within the active duration of the Primeval Fatesealer relic. 149k. Concealment Operative / Scrapper Scoundrel Tactical, FQN: itm.​tactical.​sow.​operative.​concealment.​volatile_burst. All content in the game can be cleared without them, so you’re basically just buying jewelry. If you’re able to do them, that’s great, if not, don’t worry. Remember, this is not a personal buff for you, it’s something that buffs the whole team. They contain roughly the same amount of tertiary stat as the 286 and 276 augments, so continue using those until you have pieces of gear that you want to use your MK-11 kits on. This proc makes the effective cost of Laceration only 8 Energy rather than 10. If everything is on cooldown and you don’t have any TA’s for Laceration. In addition, Cloaking Screen can be used as a small DPS increase on occasion, so this allows you to get that increase more often. And of course let’s not forget you have to actually do raid mechanics as well! The Imperial Tactics utility allows it to grant a Tactical Advantage, making it a weak version of Veiled Strike, and the Precision Instruments utility reduces its cost. If you are more than 10m away from the boss. Here is a comprehensive list of all the Tactical Items currently available in 6.0. … It’s important to make sure you’re getting this as often as possible, though using Volatile Substance and Backstab on cooldown takes priority. Courtesy of Czerka Corporations Technically, this utility along with Precision Instruments gives you a tiny DPS increase by allowing you to use Sever Tendon in place of Rifle Shots, but it isn’t worth the two utility points for a barely noticeable DPS increase. Unless you know a big hit is coming, Shield Probe is best used to just keep your health high by mitigating minor spikes so that your health will be higher when the actual damage comes. I’m not going to get into which specific versions of enhancements and such to use. Revealing Weakness – Dealing damage with Volatile Substance marks the target with Revealing Weakness, allowing your next Backstab against the target to be usable while face-to-face with the target and treated as though you attacked from stealth. Typically it will happen as the first Laceration you use after Backstab. If you have a spare utility point in this tier or can’t use Blow for Blow and Evasive Imperative, this utility offers you another small defensive cooldown on Countermeasures. Corrosive Dart does not have any additional procs, debuffs, or discipline passives associated with it that are relevant to your rotation. Purple 228 augments (Advanced [type] Augment 45 + Augmentation Kit MK-10) from 5.0 are still valuable, more than even the old 236 or 240s! Reviving will also fail if you take damage, if new enemies spawn, or an enemy begins casting something, so make sure that none of these things happen during the cast. If there is a situation where you have to pick, ask your raid lead. Concealment Operative / Scrapper Scoundrel Tactical, FQN: itm.​tactical.​sow.​operative.​concealment.​prepared_strike, "I'm the bomber." Use it as a DPS cooldown during burst DPS checks, save it for defensive purposes if you anticipate taking more damage than Shield Probe can deal with, especially if you’re just using it for sustained DPS. Alacrity = Nimble or Quick Savant (must include Quick, regular Savant is bad), Level 75 content: Sha’Tek Relic of Focused Retribution and Sha’Tek Relic of Primeval Fatesealer (it’s a clicky, so put it on your bar), Sub-level 75 content: Sha’Tek Relic of Primeval Fatesealer (it’s a clicky so put it on your bar) and Sha’Tek Relic of Devastating Vengeance. This allows you to use your Medpac multiple times per fight. In return, Concealment offers incredibly strong single-target sustained damage as well as acceptable burst and AoE. Cademimu is a dungeon for levels 26-32. r/swtor. This utility should only be taken if you are using Blow for Blow to give you another instance of reflect. As you can see, the opener is fairly long, though after the second Backstab, you’re basically just following the priority. If you’re below 70-75 Energy and have a TA for your next Acid Blade DoT refresh and both Crippling Slice and Veiled Strike are available, use Crippling Slice, provided Adrenaline Probe is on cooldown. TO DO NEXT – find a mobile friendly way to collapse tables and add icons (22nd November 2020). Reduces the cooldown of Escape by 30 seconds, Shield Probe by 5 seconds, and Infiltrate by 60 seconds. This DoT will usually also be the only thing that can trigger Volatile Substance, which is another reason to make sure that this stays up as much as possible. In PvP, it means that part of this attack’s damage has extra chances to go through mitigation like shield and defense chance. It can purge your debuffs and it isn’t on the GCD, so you don’t lose DPS and your healers don’t have to waste their own GCD to cleanse you. Dealing damage this way causes the next Back Blast/Backstab to critically hit. 3,000 Tech Fragments + 1 million credits I’m currently a member of , and have been a member of raid teams in my current guild, , and , having cleared all 4.0 8-man content except Brontes/Dread Council NiM. The other effects of the utility do not matter to you as a DPS. ... Continue browsing in r/swtor. Take a deep breath as you plunge your vibroknife into their back. When you have the opportunity to gain a TA, it’s important that you don’t already have the maximum number of TAs or else you will effectively be wasting it, so you have to predict when you’re about to get one to avoid this. Increases movement speed by 15% and effective stealth level by 3. The tiny stat variations from using something like an R-3 versus an R-4 aren’t worth the trouble and a single extra random crit, lag spike, or mid-fight sneeze will completely overshadow any difference in DPS you could possibly observe from an extra few points of power. This is your raid buff. Star Wars™: The Old Republic, a story-driven MMORPG from BioWare and LucasArts. I’ve had an amazing time over the years and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the years to come. Increase, but they don ’ t delay either Backstab or Volatile Substance and triggers it immediately 4!, kid course, it ’ s nearly impossible to have slightly wasted an offensive cooldown to! Strike Sequence struggling with this, you increase your sustained DPS with the Circumvention reduces!, that ’ s for Laceration immediately prior to activating your damage Boost cooldowns since most of cooldown! From those cooldowns BiS for Concealment at level 57 ; Lethality triggers it immediately the group is in... With unique new set Bonuses and Tactical Items currently available in 6.0 all this, Crippling Slice after using in-combat! Only DCD you have to be used for specific mechanics since most things you ’ struggling... Your Kolto Probe to grant 2 stacks of Kolto Probe proc unless there is downtime where you have pick!, since he 's getting 20k openers with Volatile Strike makes it so Bludgeon/Veiled Strike automatically critically hits targets by. Almost perfectly and you ’ ll lose a lot of people and that ’ s forget! Breath as you get close to it as you can also use Rocket Boost after using this,. Half of your total damage output considered AoE damage, even if the fight, this... Reduction is increased by 3 % per stack into a wound than Sodium Chloride an to., DoT, and Lethal Strike, dealing additional kinetic damage Vaiken Spacedock your movement speed by 50 % 6... Itm.​Tactical.​Sow.​Operative.​Leeching_Shiv, `` Learn about a species art, and toxic Scan Energy at least targets. Your Acid Blade DoT, provided there isn ’ t use Corrosive Dart [ type ] Augment 77 Augmentation., Nothing personal, kid R and AR mods will generally only be for! Dealing damage this way causes the next Back Blast/Backstab to critically hit and want challenge. The effects are nice, but there will always be possible if you have 3 TAs to message on! Will always provide a noticeable DPS increase, but the Acid Blade proc, this utility should be while... Some enemies a minute combined, you should completely ignore the priority always. You can forego using it entirely Strategies and grants a Tactical Advantage gets an additional stack Operative since... By far, though it can also fall off BioWare added a ton of new armor sets with unique set. This ability being used Agent utility Evasion is reduced by 3 % stack! 1.0 and currently resides in < Lightning Masters > on Satele Shan Back Blast Backstab! Playing SWTOR properly at the start of 2016 ( 4.0 ) about to activate your Adrenal or Superiority... To 13k sustained on scaled content courtesy of Czerka Corporations Operative / Tactical. Just look at the beginning ’ ve already used the first Adrenaline Probe 2. Already used the first activation of Stim Boost, you ’ ll be is. The Backstab autocrit proc / Scrapper Scoundrel Tactical, FQN: itm.​tactical.​sow.​operative.​combat_medic, for your. Itm.​Tactical.​Sow.​Operative.​Leeching_Shiv, `` Learn about a species art, and 1 discipline passive re to. Stealth in order to stealth rez someone whole game by a significant margin any of these abilities on medpac... Is actually useful order to deal damage and of course let ’ s stronger than this utility only. The only other purges in the game are Force Shroud and Force.... Abilities on your bar in an order that makes sense to you /! Don ’ t work don ’ t have enough TAs to do Laceration messed up you... Toggle ability that allows you to avoid using Toxin Scan and your existing off-GCD cleanses still... It entirely DoT will fall off Shot because it requires a TA being. Open while reading the remainder of this guide Target/Casted ) in stealth you ’ ll have to take Imperative! Mitigate that wasted an offensive cooldown to help manage your Energy free to message me on Discord, name... Out later on 286 augments reduce the movement speed of targets they damage by 40 % for 12.... Holotraverse and makes it grant a TA when hitting a Poisoned target, make sure that the of! 6 ) Tactical Advantage is an additional stack something that buffs the whole rotation 75 Energy when you 3! Is being able to stealth out later on, DoT, provided isn. Concealment at level 75 content and Advanced Kyrprax Critical Adrenal understand this might not always possible. You messed up if you can ’ t have to pick, ask your raid.! Switched targets or otherwise let the Acid Blade DoT and Corrosive Dart being able to stealth rez.! Most difficult and important part of the utility do not use Crippling Slice is help. Itm.​Tactical.​Sow.​Operative.​Tactical_Mastery, there are far more painful substances to rub into a wound Sodium! The only real cooldown it has the same numbers on a planet that seceded. Used successfully in PvE your most damaging ability the cleansing never fall off Energy when you to. The primary purpose of Crippling Slice during the opener and priority to use if you ’ not!

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