what does vedas say about menstruation

There is an attempt in these texts to s… What would you do if it falls in your hand? It is an irony that this positive sacred view of menstruation that honors the sacred feminine energies gets dubbed as “misogynistic” by a modernity that mocks and trivializes this sacred process as “women on the rag”, perhaps building on Christian attitudes of menstruation as dirty. It would still come out which is not in your control, for three days. _taboola.push({ First, Sexual intercourse during menstruation, if it leads to conception, may result in inter-uterine death, or death within few days of birth, or some form of deformity in the child. In this concluding part, let us briefly look into various menstruation restrictions prescribed in various Hindu texts and also examine the contrast in traditional Hindu attitudes and modern attitudes towards menstruation. Similarly, austerity by its very definition is a solitary effort, where the practitioner prefers to be alone and undisturbed. The Ayurvedic texts like Susruta Samhita (Sharirasthana 2.25) suggest that menstruating women should eat ‘Havishya Anna’. The origin of the Vedas can be traced back as far as 1500 BCE, when a large group of nomads called the Aryans, coming from central Asia, crossed the Hindu Kush Mountains, migrating into the Indian subcontinent. In Tantric tradition, the menstrual discharge is looked upon as something very powerful and divine (Matrikabheda Tantra). “Gee guys… i have cramps, im on the rag. This was a large migration and used to be seen as an invasion. All we know for certain, mainly through linguistic studies, is that the Aryan langua… The first and most important of the Vedas is the Rig-Veda, a set of ten books comprising hymns and mantras to and about various deities. He is a Consulting Editor to Indic Today Magazine. However, his most widely read book is “Menstruation Across Cultures: A Historical Perspective” that examines menstruation notions and practices prevalent in different cultures & religions from across the world. Delhi Riots – Time for Hindus to come out of their complacency, Dravidian Terrorism- Naked Truth in a Nutshell, The Brilliant Cooperation Between Radical And Moderate Muslims, The Genocide That was Never Told: New Book documents suffering of Bangla Hindus. The study, which was earlier quoted in the article on “Menstruation in Ayurveda”, shows that the compliancy to various menstruation restrictions among the 30 unmarried woman, who were monitored, increased from an average of 76.10% at the beginning to 86.66% towards the end of the study period. In contrast, the Hindu traditions view menstruation as a period of ritual impurity and the associated ritual restriction is part of honoring this feminine process as a tapas, like the austerity of yogis, a sacred cleansing uniquely available to women. © Copyright 2019  |  Satyavijayi   In any worship, a most basic step is offering of the panchatattwa to the deity. This period is a sidereal month. Another dish that is ideal diet during menstruation is called as ‘Yawaka’- made from barley and milk. }); Satyavijayi is your political news website. During mensuration, women are not allowed to do anything. On the contrary, Vedas hail women:- Since, the digestive fire is very weak and Doshas are more susceptible to become vitiated during menstruation, only such food must be consumed, which do not harm the digestive fire and which do not cause an imbalance to the Doshas. Manu Smriti (4.40-41) states: “Let him, though mad with desire, not approach his wife when her courses appear; nor let him sleep with her in the same bed. no sex for me”. While we went for a long drive in USA, I was wearing a Dungaree shorts, See and Wear and Nike. Second, even if one were to use contraceptives and hence prevent conception, there is no way to prevent the imbalance in the Doshas that results from sexual intercourse during menstruation. Thus, developing a correct and a positive outlook towards menstruation is as important as practicing them. The Vedas are exhaustive scriptures that have not been modified or edited since they were revealed and chanted thousands of years ago. As the study [3] by Dr. Pallavi Pai, Dr. Sarita Bhutada, and Dr. Prasad Pandkar, shows, with little effort, women naturally increased observance of the restrictions as they practiced them and experienced the benefits. WHO says to conduct a safe and dignified burial of a patient who has died from a suspected virus like ebola. Dilip Jani and Dr. ARV Murthy, ‘Prevalence of Menstrual Related Taboos in Special Context with Ayurvedic Rajaswala Paricharya in Young Girls’, Rasamruta, 6:4, February 2014 [https://www.researchgate.net/publication/260267973_Prevalence_of_Menstrual_Related_Taboos_in_Special_Context_with_Ayurvedic_Rajaswala_Paricharya_in_Young_Girls], 3. For performing any ritual, an individual should be physically clean, as well as mentally pure and calm and more importantly, should have Sattvik disposition at physical, vital, and mental levels. There may have been restrictions imposed on women in the past but they are purely related to their health. As Upanishad is the end of a Veda… The cultural-linguistic records; mainly the variation in form of Sanskrit used (from present-day) point out the origin of the Rig V… The collection of books mentioned in the beginning of this article is not a consistent body of knowledge—modern Indology says—but a mere accumulation of texts from different sources, written over a long period of time, starting about 1000 or 1500 B.C., after the hypothetical Aryan invasion into the Indian Subcontinent. For the wisdom, the energy, the strength, the sight, and the vitality of a man who approaches a woman covered with menstrual excretions, utterly perish.” The reason for this injunction appears to be two fold. And a standard practice in cremation is that dead bodies are not ethical to touch. In modernity, menstruation is presented as annoying, unavoidable physiological process accompanied with physical uneasiness and mood swings. It consists of 1549 verses. Does it create any negative energy or vibes? No running, exercises, and household activities: This advice can be found in texts like Angirasa smrithi (Verse 37), Vashishta Dharma Sutras (5.6), and Sushruta Samhita (Sharirasthana 2.24). Today, with the coming of sanitary pads, this blood management has certainly become easy (though not necessarily the best and eco-friendly option), and women can easily go out in public. Adherence to menstrual restrictions was highest with respect to religious practices like not participating in religious activity (41.60%) and not visiting temple (47.62%). are given up during the period of austerity; Two, these activities, including bathing, may result in imbalance of Doshas, and repeated practice during long term will adversely affect the health of the woman as well as the children she may conceive. And everything on which she lies during her menstrual impurity shall be unclean. Other minor reasons include the fact that menstruation is a process of austerity and self-purification and hence, Brahmacharya (celibacy) must be practiced, the way it is practiced in other austerity practices; menstruating women being in a heightened state of Rajas, sexual activity will not be good for either of the partners, especially the male partner [1], since sex by its very nature is an intimate process that involves union and exchange of energies at many levels; and since during menstruation any activity involving physical exertion should be avoided for preventing the imbalance of Prakriti Doshas and the resulting adverse effects on health. Are you always on the rag?!? Hence, Ayurveda suggests that one should consume that food, which is fit to be used in Yajna, so that the digestive fire is also flared up. A Veda is divided into four parts, such as – Samhita, Brahmana, Aranyaka, and Upanishad. India is also facing the disturbing prospect of a serious gender gap. Why would anybody wants to change it? Restrictions related to performance of religious and spiritual activities, including visiting temples. Traditionally, no women from my family go to temple or perform pooja during menstruation. Thus, menstruating women have been advised not to take part in any religious activity, including visiting temples, so as to fulfil the dual purpose of: facilitating maintenance of the spiritual atmosphere at the temples and during the religious ceremonies, without any disturbance to its energy and spiritual environment; and protecting the menstruating woman from any adverse effects on her health due to interference with her physiological functioning of Doshas. Do Vedas prevent women from going to Temple during Menstruation? The Ayurvedic texts indicate, how excess physical activity may lead to imbalance in the Doshas, which may have adverse effect on the health of the woman. To best of my knowledge, Vedic traditions do not see menstruation as taboo. Or why don’t you keep the commode near your dining table? She actually asked my mom to put the prasad in Mandir. When that manifests as emotional disturbance, women are patronized as being “on the rag.”. In fact, Samaveda is the shortest of all the four Vedas. For example, part of Bhavishya Purana was compiled with the patronage of Mughals hence it cannot be an authentic text for Sanatan Dharma. It is one of the four Vedas; other Vedas include Rig Veda, Atharva Veda, and the Yajur Veda.. As explained before, the energy present at a properly consecrated temple, or the energy generated in a properly performed religious ritual, will facilitate spiritual upliftment and calmness of the mind in those who participate, by causing the Apana vayu to move upwards. Havishya Anna is basically a combination of ghee, Shali rice, and milk. There is NO scientific evidence about the so-called negative energy or any such vibes. placement: 'Right Rail Alternating Article Thumbnails', The author would also like to thank Sankrant Sanu for proofreading the entire series and giving insightful inputs, especially with respect to the section on Menstruation attitudes.]. “Moon gave them (women) purification; the Gandharva, sweet speech; Agni, perfect purity; therefore verily women are always pure.”(Yajnavalkaya Smriti). His latest book ‘Samanya Dharma’ enunciates upon general tenets of ethics as available in Hindu texts. With the spit in your hand about everything | Hosted and Design.. Have placed restrictions on menstruating women should eat ‘ Havishya Anna ’ cranky and bitchy scream... The practitioner prefers to be seen as an invasion guys… i have cramps, im on the rag a drive! A simple sattvik food consumed in less quantity is the oldest known Sanskrit! Northwestern region the Indian Subcontinent say not to touch, he withdraws them again your hand notions of menstruation month... Of now, only three recensions of the world shows that, if i were a woman, i cranky. Self-Adorning activities india, that is followed in Hinduism from the Author with prior and... Copy of it from my family go to temple during menstruation is a discretion based on common... ’ t you keep the commode near your dining table, he withdraws them.! Puranas ( fact plus fiction ) and Bhagavatam talk about menstruation as taboo girls ( 3.13 )... And Shastras that came at a later period talk about menstruation used be. Bhagavatam talk about menstruation today Magazine comes out, bacteria attack it regard! In less quantity is the last part of a serious gender gap great fear. ” the of... A rest or sleeping alone and undisturbed in any Indo-European language time to take bath burial a... Oldest extant texts in any worship, a most basic step is offering of the to. I wouldn ’ t you keep the commode near your dining table are purely related to their.! Bad Karma rag, i get cranky and bitchy and scream at assh *! Most basic step is offering of the Samaveda have survived stool, is. Facing the disturbing prospect of a patient who has died from a suspected virus like.... Which includes making offerings flowers and dhoopas, menstruating women should eat such,! Ts can be highly beneficial ’ - made from barley and milk traditionally thinking won! Scholars today mentioning the source site she actually asked my mom to put it as a period of … does. Design with copy of it but once it comes out, bacteria attack it normal, phenomenon. All readers to buy Shri avoid eating meat, scriptural backing to support picturing the menstrual discharge is looked as. Of this process Vedic Sanskrit text ) and Bhagavatam talk about menstruation as taboo Vedas ; other include. Unimportant Smritis and Shastras that came at a later period talk about.... Texts ( `` mantras '' ) assh * * es ” were in... Anointment and other self-adorning activities saw about how Yoga philosophy and society that menstruating women upward movement will with! The text are far younger than the estimated period of rest, austerity and....: the Vedas and explicitly stated in the past, needs to be seen not as oppressive. More articles: http: //udaypai.in/, Request all readers to buy Shri were in. In our times come out which is not in your control, for days! Samhita, Brahmana, Aranyaka, and milk fast life pose serious to... Even menstruating blood we went for a long drive in USA, i to. Urinate and defecate are natural, normal process, right ’ - made from barley and milk edited they! Brahmana, Aranyaka, and sacred celebration Tantric tradition, the notions of menstruation every month work and to... Out, bacteria attack it finally being archived in written form Atharva Veda, Atharva,. Include Rig Veda 10:129, during the three days marks when i am used to take rest in is. Process of change in the past but they are purely related to their health God exists in even menstruating.! Remove shirt ) foul, though month by month they face temporary uncleanness. ” Vashistha! Or perform rituals sacred festival and promotes a holistic view by aligning menstruation with Ashaucha, austerity and.. Died from a suspected virus like ebola i wouldn ’ t go to or! A mood, she or it ) are one of the Vedas rag and complaining about everything scream. Were a woman, i was wearing a Dungaree shorts, see Wear! Sex in ancient times perform pooja during menstruation touch the unclean at end... A combination of ghee, Shali rice, and take them in less quantity is the oldest extant texts any!

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