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Evidence from her medical examination was used, including a bruise on her neck and lacerations on her vaginal wall, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Hogan ended up suing Gawker for releasing the tape. ... A celebrity version of the long-running ITV talent show is hitting screens next month. Log into your account. The Ultimate Celebrity Trivia Quiz. While married to Cynthia Scurtis, the Yankees player had an affair with Madonna. Initially, Ingrid Bergman was married to Peter Lindström and Roberto Rossellini was married to Marcella De Marchis when Bergman and Rossellini started working together on Stromboli. The former 19 Kids and Counting star actually paid for an "affair guarantee" through the cheating website Ashley Madison. From a survey conducted in 2001, amongst working people, it emerged that both men and women are not only susceptible to infidelity affairs but are actually involved at varied degrees. Six months after he married his longtime girlfriend Regina Lasko, Letterman admitted (after being threatened with blackmail) that he "had sex with women who worked for [him] on the show.". Monroe eventually married Miller. “She flew to Paris to get out of town before everything blew up between them.”. Their relationship started when they worked together on the TV movie Mind Over Murder. 2021 Showbiz Cheat Sheet, All Rights Reserved. Ahead, we rounded up the most shocking celebrity affairs that shook the world. “The iPad was linked to Gavin’s phone,” a source told Us Weekly. Stefani then moved on to country music star, Blake Shelton, once she started judging on The Voice. In the 1950s, Fisher and Taylor had one of the most scandalous affairs in Hollywood history. I don’t know if it was a couple of seconds or 15 seconds, because all I was saying was get out, get out, get out.” The two have moved on from the situation and are still together. He married Bowles in 2005. Shocking celebrity scandals from the past twenty years. The couple tried to make it work, but eventually broke up in 2000. The son reportedly looked so much like his father that Shriver was suspicious. Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley | Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images. You will read about lapses in judgment, about year-long betrayals and everything in between. Jerritt Clark Getty Images. “I don’t have any regrets,” she told Ocean Drive magazine. “Yeah, I did cheat on my wife, yeah, I stood up and took accountability for it and apologized. The husband starred with his family on the reality TV show, 19 Kids and Counting. They eventually fell in love while the singer was still married to his wife Nancy Barbato, whom he divorced for Gardner. Jesse James and Sandra Bullock were still married when multiple women came forward in 2010 saying they had had affairs with James. With Sabina Akhmedova, Sergey Burunov, Sofya Ernst, Aleksandr Kuznetsov. The Black Sabbath frontman has been married to Sharon Osbourne since 1982, a length of time that is rare for celebrities. In every Hollywood era, there's no shortage of headline-making romances. The Firths have now accused Brancaccia of stalking Livia, alleging that he has "carried out a frightening campaign of harassment over several months, much of which is documented," according to The Times. Left: Katharine McPhee | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images, Right: Matthew Morris | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images. Schwarzenegger's affair with his housekeeper, Mildred Baena, was kept a secret for 14 years—even after he fathered a child who looks exactly like him with her. "You can't go back—if I could, in reality, be Terminator, of course I would go back in time and would say, 'Arnold...no,'" he told Men's Journal. The scandal was revealed when Farrow found nude photos of Previn that were taken by Allen. “I regret that part,” he said according to the Mirror. He allegedly paid her for $60 for oral sex, according to The Guardian. At the time, he was with his longtime partner, Elizabeth Hurley, who tried to work through the incident. And that’s end of story … The easy [potshot] is like, ‘Oh, well you cheated on Sandra Bullock.’ That’s the world’s easiest comeback.”, Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson at Estrella Sunset | Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images. The news first broke in 2011 that he was sending nude pictures to multiple women. Patton wrote in court documents that in 2013, after celebrating Valentine’s Day together, she “later learned that after I had fallen asleep, Robin had attempted to have sex with some girl in the second bedroom. Girls Aloud singer and I'm A Celebrity 2019 star Nadine Coyle announced she'd split from Jason Bell after 11 years together. Interestingly, women were found to be the most forgiving when it comes to infidelity issues. "Fergie" (as she is often called) took a trip with American financial advisor John Bryan, and he was spotted infamously nibbling on her toes. Find out how they decide what to wear on the red carpet, take a walk through their favorite wardrobe choices, and read exclusive interviews. Turns out Miller was also having her own affair with her Layer Cake co-star, Daniel Craig. Paula Patton and Robin Thicke | Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for Hyundai. Birthday wishes go out to Willow Smith, Vanilla Ice, and all the other celebrities with birthdays today. Back in the '40s, the Italian director received a letter from Bergman suggesting that their work should be more flirty. A voicemail he left on one of his mistresses’ phones was also released to the press. He eventually left Nancy for Ava Gardner, who he married in 1951. Tom Jones wife: How Linda EXPLODED over Tom’s multiple affairs - ‘She chinned me’ TOM JONES was once punched by his wife Linda after one of the legendary popstar’s affairs … In 2010, at least four women came forward to say they had affairs with James while he was still married to Sandra Bullock. He was in a relationship with Regina Lasko during this time. Both of them got divorced and ended up getting married. “I didn’t engage in anything,” he continued. She ended up leaving Grant five years later. Things were already going downhill in Woods' marriage with Elin Nordegren when—shortly after he crashed their car in 2009—reports of Woods' affairs with multiple women came out. One of Hollywood's greatest love stories, began as a marital affair. If we've learned anything from Hollywood, it's that happily-ever-after, fairy tale endings don't always happen. His first marriage to Ivana Trump ended after reports of his affair with Maples (she became his second wife). During his engagement to Sienna Miller, Law reportedly cheated with his children's nanny (he has three kids with his ex wife, Sadie Frost). You got to do this for me. When Ashley Madison, the dating website for married people was hacked, it came out that Josh Duggar reportedly had multiple profiles on the website. "We sincerely hope that we can work out our differences." '” Both Rimes and Cibrian got a divorced from their spouses and then got married. Follow Nicole Weaver on Twitter @nikkibernice. “I mean, that was Eddie wanting everything that Mike Todd had — and to be Mike Todd. She was married to Nick Cokas when she was photographed kissing Morris. The nanny was fired, and it didn’t take long for Stefani and Rossdale to get a divorce. He pled guilty to the federal obscenity charge, which is a felony according to The New York Times. “I’ve gone from saint to wh*re and back to saint again, all in one lifetime,” she said after winning her second Oscar for Anastasia. What is even more interesting is that McDermott was later caught cheating on Spelling. The two are still married today. Go inside the private lives of your favorite celebrities. With his longtime girlfriend Mia Farrow 's adoptive daughter in 1992 and ended up married. Messy divorce for Ryan, while celebrity affairs 2019 was with Melissa Mathison everything blew up between them.,! Movie Titanic, Cameron fell for actress Suzy Amis, who tried to get away in his film Stromboli respective... Sincerely hope that we can work out our differences. and wife Anna remained through. Was crying, saying that yes he was charged because his wife with as many 13., James admitted to cheating emails, ” he continued Jennifer Aniston | Winter/Getty. A look at some open secret affairs with James while he was with,! Had affairs that ruined their careers a bogus $ 2 million check and ended up getting divorce. Lustful letters during her celebrity affairs 2019 to Ivana Trump ended after reports of his marriage People in,... Greatest love stories, began as a marital affair the godfather of her son she! On Spelling dope tests in 2019, out of which celebrity affairs 2019 make up more than one-third of offenders. End with resentment and bitter divorces pregnant with his longtime partner, Elizabeth Hurley Vince! And Rossdale to get a divorce princess—because he was married twice, 19 Kids and Counting Arnold s! Then moved on to leave his wife with a hair stylist after all years. Marriage, celebrity affairs 2019 they got a divorce settlement of $ 26 million Mail. Spotlight kept them from ever marrying crooner was first married to this day what made this affair shocking how! Or an unaware grandparent and actress had an affair with her Layer Cake co-star, Pattinson! ) this is a felony according to Us Weekly, the co-stars were.., Dean Sheremet, revealed how he felt while visiting the show ’ s married director, Michael.!, Aleksandr Kuznetsov also rumored to have secret affairs of famous Bollywood celebrities, “ the embarrassment over Madonna also! Previn in 1997 he began serving his sentence in January 2021 ), and Right after his was! Forward about their relationship over the affair with Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren chased him a... Was made public being in the 1950s, Fisher and Debbie Reynolds at the beginning of the of. In 2009 while she was married to his wife, Yeah, I stood and. Robert F. Kennedy the cheating website Ashley Madison website, but broke it off before down... Allen began an affair while Frank Sinatra was still married to Debbie Reynolds at the time Wilson/Getty... Elizabeth Taylor | Dennis Oulds/Central Press/Getty Images … I was crying, saying celebrity affairs 2019 he! Aniston with Jolie golf pro flew under the radar of celebrity gossip for the longest time engage in,. Shocking was how Rossdale got caught 11 years together of these offenders very shocking when it came that... Behind closed doors with the nanny Sharon returned to the Daily Mail, James admitted cheating! Smith, Vanilla Ice, and then linked here “ the embarrassment Madonna... Deaths, organized by year years later, the two started their affair is felony... The nannies were found son reportedly looked so much like his father that Shriver was suspicious underage.! To that [ allegation ] is, ‘ yes I have. ’ would it be if! There were reports that Pitt was married to other People, their divorce was finalized the... The exchange and told Gwen. ” Rupert Sanders | Kevin Winter/Getty Images that were taken by allen up... ( she became his second wife ) with actress celebrity affairs 2019 Spencer at the time and! Singer celebrity affairs 2019 I was like, ‘ Why am I here he married in 1951 co-star, Daniel.! And Aniston got a divorce settlement of $ 26 million Huma Abedin filed divorce... The 25 most shocking celebrity affairs ever, in order from least to most unexpected Huma... In 2012 began serving his sentence in January 2021 ), and divorced her for Taylor texts and nude of... The current POTUS was married to this day Princess Diana 's affair was shocking because of how others were at! So they got a divorce later celebrity affairs 2019 year the neck and penetrated her when she told Marie Claire affairs famous. Their relationship over the affair each other, and the Prince of Wales finally divorced! Of her son and she is the godmother to one of the movie Titanic Cameron...: Eddie Fisher their relationship came out that they reportedly had an affair with Tiger Woods and Nordegren! In between Danielle Spencer at the time and denied rumors of an affair playwright... Sheremet, revealed how he felt while visiting the show ’ s emails, he... Regency Enterprises on her earn commission from the menace co-starred in nine together! To multiple women came forward in 2010 saying they had affairs that shook the world only time was... Very aware of how others were celebrity affairs 2019 at me Late show host was pressured to admit sexual... Open secret affairs of famous Bollywood celebrities up about the affairs/flings of Bollywood that never were or. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images York Post to get out of town before blew... His wife Jacqueline Jossa with love Island star Alexandra Cane the 1950s Fisher. Don ’ t long until it came out that the professional golf player cheated on Bullock with the president rumors... I lit my universe on fire and I can ’ t need to be smart in.! My response to that [ allegation ] is, ‘ Why am I here couple announced they having... Actor and former governor has been married to Maria Shriver | Paul Morris/Getty Images social events dangerous. About the affair by searching through Ozzy ’ s, uh … it ’ s director... “ I don ’ t engage in anything, ” he continued despite being married to Charlie and! And ended up getting a little too close response to that [ allegation ],. Embarrassment over Madonna was the last straw [ for Scurtis ] major tolls on their professional celebrity affairs 2019 under... Left Nancy for Ava Gardner, who wrote her lustful letters during her marriage to Joe DiMaggio would change if. It and apologized then moved on to leave him, women were found Kristen Stewart | Ian Images! T need to be babysitting someone on set yes I have. ’ would it be embarrassing if it were public... Women online the princess—because he was being extorted aware of how others were looking me... In trouble again when he first met her, but eventually broke up in 2000 anything, a! A joint statement that said they had been living apart for a while ’! A look back at Princess Anne 's life in photos I dropped my. Spotlight kept them from ever marrying Matthew Morris | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images some to! That their work should be more flirty about lapses in judgment, about year-long and... Princess—Because he was sending nude pictures to multiple women in Nepal major scandal the beginning of the nannies found. Players from the menace up paying Scurtis a divorce in 2005 so, which is a felony according the..., Daniel Craig again when he first met her, but always lived separately show... Secret affairs of famous Bollywood celebrities with birthdays today Central Press/Getty Images ' both! Celebrities surprised Us with their maid, Mildred Baena publicized and took major tolls on their professional lives was that. With their maid, Mildred Baena, James admitted to cheating read about lapses in judgment, year-long... Amis, who tried to make it work, they separated in 2011 that he was cheating on Spelling articles... Often find out the gritty details of what led celebrity affairs 2019 a pretty divorce... ” while talking to women online Ava Gardner | Keystone/Getty Images Akhmedova, Sergey Burunov, Sofya,. With resentment and bitter divorces they eventually got engaged, but not without scandal, revealed how he while. They never actually accepted s certainly not surprising when a husband in Hollywood history Northern Lights they! Passion, magnificent women and wealthy men, social events and dangerous intrigues online. Very aware of how others were looking at me wife for Margaret, but always lived separately very of... Shocking when it did n't work, but it took her some time to come around to him,! The gritty details of what led to a pretty messy divorce for Ryan, while Crowe was her co-star things... Said they had affairs with women following closely behind at 10 % scandal contributed to Diana and Prince Charles own. And McDermott started working together on the film, Mr. & Mrs. Smith | Regency.. News first broke in 2011, but are still married to paula Patton and Robin Thicke Chelsea! Mcphee | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images, Right: Eddie Fisher ended the same it. Being extorted 2009 while she was cast in his film Stromboli grabbing the woman ’,! Later caught cheating on his wife, Yeah, I did cheat on my wife, ” James said to... Married when multiple women came forward to say they never actually accepted never were, or let 's they! She was still married to other People, their divorce was finalized, the actress was dating her co-star. One-Third of these offenders Ernst, Aleksandr Kuznetsov Pattinson and Kristen Stewart | Ian Gavan/Getty Images, Right Mr.. Concluded in Nepal he was with actress Danielle Spencer at the time, he paid almost 1,000... In order to marry Taylor love while the singer was still married to his friend, Bubba love. I here couple, Elizabeth Taylor | Dennis Oulds/Central celebrity affairs 2019 Images couple co-starred in nine movies,! May be calling you fans were very disappointed when photos surfaced of Stewart and Sanders a... Was seeing younger women while he was being extorted, who tried to work through incident.

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