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B-C mark (the letters enclosed in conjoined circles) was used on tumblers after 1921, but I do not know how long after that the mark was used. Bobby Banford. On the otherside of the top is written 10 FL OZ. Here are some pictures, Matt, the mark appears to be an “I inside an O”. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Small hand-made operation, specializing in toothpick holders, open salts and other novelties in unusual colors. Thank you and best regards, Later became American Can Company, Glass products division (1962-1967), and then Midland Glass Company in 1968. For more info on this company and related companies, please see the “Anchor” marks, shown above, and my page on, A. T. & T. Co. (on telephone insulators)………….abbreviation for American Telephone & Telegraph Company. This is one of a number of authentic signature styles used by the Gallé workshop, which also include a vertical version and a two-lined etched mark. This was one of the most prolific glass companies in Pittsburgh during the mid-to-late 1800s. Serious experienced bottle collectors may scorn paying a price above the clear counterpart. I would be happy to post a link to it, or at least give more info on the magazine where it appeared. They were founded in 1953. Also, a positive identification of any of our 'unidentified' marks would be extremely welcome! Authenticating Baccarat Glass . For more information, please see the, Brookfield (On glass electrical insulators)……………….. Brookfield Glass Company (c.1864-c.1921)  with factories at Brooklyn, New York and Old Bridge, New Jersey. Hope this helps a bit! Thanks a lot for your post! Another webpage which I recommend, especially to collectors of tableware and art glass, illustrates many glassmakers’ marks frequently seen on carnival glassware and other upscale glass. One of them had a hole in the bottom but the other one was intact. He reports that the mark appears on a Bellaire Bottle Company letterhead shown in a reference book by Scott Tyson called “Glass Houses of the 1800s” (1971). From the type and general style of bottle which carries the mark (early cylinder whiskey), it looks like the company was probably in operation during the 1860s or 1870s. We started to cooperate with our first supplier — Glaverbel (now AGC). What remains is rectangular in shape, approx 2.5″ wide, by approx 1.5″. 1878-Opaline glass, Ruby glass, Venetian glass, Rock crystal, iridescent glass called chine metallique. This mark appears on the base of a handmade crown-top style soda or mineral water bottle in rather dark teal/aquamarine glass, found when diving off the coast of Guam. & Co” and “E. I don’t know how I’ve missed that, since similar marks are listed in Toulouse (1971). bottle is a liquor bottle that held whiskey or some other type of alcoholic beverage (as indicated by the diamond/I/oval marking). Is it the Southern Glass Co. link noted in this link… Dieser Pinnwand folgen 110 Nutzer auf Pinterest. Chris, I don’t know anything about your bottle, but the glass maker’s mark is actually supposed to be “C L G CO” which stands for Carr-Lowrey Glass Company. See “Anchor….” entry, farther down on this page. Other pieces are simply marked Czechoslovakia in … Most late milk glass pieces with this mark were indeed produced by Westmoreland during the 1950s and '60s. Were the bottles made in Australia for long? ~David, Anybody know what company embossed their bottles with the word “Best” on the bottom found a small bottle along with some bottles from the 1870’s was curious what it was cannot find any details. Marks & Spencer Hand Made Moderner Schnitt Hurricane Glas Kerzenhalter mit Kerze günstig auf Kostenlose Lieferung an den Aufstellort sowie kostenlose Rückgabe für qualifizierte Artikel The number 6 is in the front lower corner. Another site with an extensive list of marks is here: Here is another site, this one specializing on information concerning shot glasses: Researcher/historian  Tod Von Mechow has compiled a large quantity of in-depth information on antique beer bottles, including both pottery and glass bottles. Two support locations (mold fabrication, equipment repair, etc) at Zanesville, Ohio and Streator, Illinois, were closed in 2018. ), I haven’t had a chance to upload a photo yet, so here is a link to the exact jar I am referring to: I have found similar jars from more than one dumpsite, apparently dating from the 1920s up into the 1950s judging from other bottles in the same area that could be more precisely dated. Prolific maker of glass electrical insulators, they also made large quantities of bottles and jars, the great majority of which were not marked with the company name. Best regards, What mark do they use on their bottles? The offer of AA CZECH GLASS.COM is very wide from historical motifs till up a modern art crystal glass and is by the result of art and high profesionality of Czech glassmakers, whose handicraft is handed over from generation to generation. A website that I would heartily recommend, devoted to dairy-related antiques, is “” which I understand (as of 2017) is no longer “live” on the internet. Hi Sarah, Would love to know more about it! The bottom of the bottle reads SJ&S. 2. Our selection includes floor lamps that are perfect for brightening dim corners, as well as bold ceiling lights and pendants that give rooms a statement finish. Shallow bowl with original Anchorglass label, circa 1950s? For a brief summary of this company. The other has a 3 on right side. Hi Shawna, There were hundreds of small telephone companies in the early 1900s, now there are only a handful that control most of the market, as consolidation kept happening. Berney-Bond was bought by Owens-Illinois in 1930. Has American eagle and Star on it. (Link is in list of articles, situated along right-hand side of any page on this site). wow, someone on one of my dish pages posted this – and yes it looks exactly like my little creamer tho I don’t have a ‘ Made in Italy ” on my mark. Glass production involves two main methods – the float glass process that produces sheet glass, and glassblowing that produces bottles and other containers. Thank you! In the meantime, you might try an internet search for more information on these names…… there is a wealth of information out there, with many books in libraries and online pertaining to glass history, antique glass and bottle collecting, glass container manufacturing, and related fields). Here is a link to a list of liquor bottle permit numbers, and although the “56” is not listed (for the exact year the list was published) it is certainly a permit number assigned to Owens-Illinois since both “55” and “57” was assigned to them. Our Awesome Clients. I have a 18” light blue mason jar. Brody Co.” and “Hoosier Glass”. And, some types of bottles are more likely to bear embossed markings on the base, such as beer, whiskey and soda bottles. Coincidentally (or not) the word for “deer” in Italian is “CERVO” and the word “CERVE” means “hinds” i.e., female red deer (plural). Outside the diamond are 4 lines. I have a clear glass mug, 12 oz with three zeros and a D on the bottom, any idea? Please see page 10 of this pdf file (shown as page 142 on the actual b&w text page): My Projects. They were later forced to change the mark which makes the later reissues less of a problem for collectors to identify. This mark was introduced in 2014. Hauptsitz und Produktion. Apparently this mark is used by Cerve, based in Parma, Italy. I have updated the entries for “B & CO”. This mark has been seen on blackglass (very dark olive green or olive amber) bottles that appear to be from Great Britain, and probably date from sometime in the 1860-1900 time period. Although it has been proposed by some researchers that this mark is merely a mold-cutting error for “D.O.C.” (see that entry), I am doubtful and believe that this actually does stand for an obscure, short-lived  glass company (or some type of bottling or brewing firm?) Other mouth blown Gallé reproductions are of better quality, and harder to distinguish. See next entry. A.M.F.& CO……..Adelbert M. Foster & Company, Boston & Chicago (1873-1928). (I believe some of my replies are ending up in the recipients’ email “SPAM” or “TRASH” folders. Although some of these marks are listed on my site, some of them are not. The “B.P.CO.” marking bears no relationship to the next entry. Please keep in mind that some marks (esp. The mold number is occasionally seen embossed backwards. I am not personally familiar with them. These marks usually served as some type of mold identification, indicating a particular mold used by a glass factory. 249 See my webpage with more info here: B W O & Co………………..unknown. Any ideas? Glass House Collectibles Login About US Blog Bohemian Bottles Dictionary Etches EuroPressed Facebook GALE'S TRANSFERS Glas- Glassblowing GlassEras GreatGlassUK HOME Marks, Labels, Stickers, Signatures New Uploads Pressglas zcodex Register Above the scale is a “10.” Below the scale is a “3” ‘Owens-Illinois mark’ “1.” I believe the is the location and 1. is the year. C. Co” mystery mark solved ~ Glaser-Crandell Company, Chicago, Illinois, General Overview on Glass Insulators – Basic Information, Glass Containers Corporation, Fullerton, California, Glass Manufacturers’ Marks on Coke Bottles, Great Western Glass Company, St. Louis, Missouri (1874-c.1887), HEMINGRAY No 9 // PATENT MAY 2 1893 glass telephone insulator, Hobnail Pattern Glass Votive Candle Cups / Candleholders, Horseshoe & Star design on the base of jelly glasses, Interstate Glass Company, Kansas City, Missouri, Kentucky Glass Works Company, Louisville, Kentucky, L.G.CO. Thank you for your timely response! “B in a diamond” mark on inside of Star & Dewdrop master salt dish in vaseline glass, made in 1994. Any infirmation would be appreciated. Any ideas? B (as seen on glass electrical insulators, NOT bottles)………… Brookfield Glass Company, Brooklyn, NY and Old Bridge, NJ. No guarantees, though! The bar made of solid oak is the perfect solution for storing the alcohol, glasses or wine, it just looks very nice and modern. & TEL. In the great majority of cases, bottles with only numbers on the base are difficult, if not impossible, to attribute to a specific glass maker. Hopefully someone will have info on what this means! However, it is a different shape than the one you are referencing! One side says “federal law forbids sale or reuse of this bottle”, the other side say “one pint” the bottom says “R 341”, under that is “90 a logo (what I believe is the Owens Illinois logo) and then 4”. You might try asking on Facebook fruit jar collectors groups (there are at least two groups, possibly more, on Facebook), and on the discussion site, where they have a forum for jar collectors. Best regards, David. I have edited my Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation page slightly (concerning the six Anchor Glass Container Corporation plants being sold to KPS). BF……………….Ball-Foster Corporation (mark used 1995-2000). A The “B.CO.”might stand for “BOTTLING COMPANY” with the “C” being the initial for the name of the company. I believe that the 23 refers to the year 1923 – which is before these other Mark’s started. L.G.CO.export-style beer bottle, typical mark as seen on Lindell Glass Company, St. Louis product. Do you know why? This is one of several marks used by Durand Art Glass from the mid-1920s into the early 1930s. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This is the most recent mark used by Anchor Glass Container on their glass bottles and jars, and typically appears on the lower heel area of the container. Binghamton Glass Company, Binghamton, New York (1880-1957). The rest are back to AGCC.. Tampa Headquarters is AGCC.. Ardagh’s North American Headquarters in in Muncie, IN (formally the Saint Gogain headquarters).. Champagne flutes and saucers will start the party in style. Baltimore Glass Works………………..Baltimore Glass Works, Baltimore, Maryland (c.1800-1905, which includes a succession of firms). 1961) Dan Dailey (b. However, I will pass along one idea: here is a book which I have not read, but have heard it is good with lots of information: “Antique Glass Bottles : Their History and Evolution (1500-1850) – A Comprehensive Illustrated Guide With a Worldwide Bibliography of Glass Bottles” (Hardcover – published 2001), by Willy Van den Bossche. A green bottle that is plain w/ no markings on the bottle, but has RCNUK on the bottom of it. Thank you! 1900-iridescent glass almost totally. It says 5000 Lamp WHISKEY and it’s made of glass and it has a hog stamped on the bottom. Also, my page on the Bromo-Seltzer bottles, many of which were made by Maryland. Can you help? Later, approximately 1854, the firm became John Agnew & Company (1854-1870); then, John Agnew & Son (1871-1876) and later simply Agnew & Company (1876-1892+). I have a small peacock blue open salt. The unmarked items are recognized as Federal pieces through pattern identification. Also, for readers who haven’t seen the Maryland Glass Corporation page on my site, the link is here. ST. L………….. Adolphus Busch Glass Manufacturing Company, bottles made at their St. Louis plant location. And, yes, your bottle has been “nuked”. Contrary to what some collectors might assume upon finding a bottle with this embossing, the product did. 410-255-1483. Also see. Ray Banford. This example appears on the base of a clear decorative spirits bottle embossed with a horse head inside a horseshoe design, and the words “Los Angeles Brewing Company”, perhaps a limited-edition bottle made during the 1930s or 1940s for a polo club? In this case the mark is probably that of the food product maker or distributor, and not that of the glass maker. 1904) used until 1922: Capstan Glass Trademark 1919-1941: China Modern Mark Company Unknown Anchor and letter “H” entwined logo (shown)……..Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation, Lancaster, Ohio and other plant locations (1937-to date). Hope this helps, So far I have found so many wonderful treasures! “3” is a mold number. Bagley & Company, Knottingsley, Yorkshire, England (1871-c. 1960s) . The current symbol for anchor glass looks like a chevron with a dot in the center between the ends. (Eventually, I may add a page on this site with lists of books by some of the above-named persons which I found to be of most value. Dea (college student who thinks your site is fantastic), Dea, that is very kind of you. Take care, David. This mark used on their glassware since September of 1977. I would encourage any milk bottle collectors to try searching their list of marks here:  Milk Bottle Marks . Take care, David, Hi David. A look through early city directories might identify the company in question. initial mark. A G C (letters are diagonally arranged, oriented from “Northwest” to “Southeast”)……….Arkansas Glass Container Corporation, Jonesboro, Arkansas (1948-to-date). The info presented on this site is the most accurate I’ve been able to find at present, but any comments (pro or con), clarifications or corrections (preferably backed up with reliable source information) would be sincerely appreciated! On the base is “MG888” & a symbol that could be the Australian Glass Manufactures symbol. David. i would be very appreciative if you could tell me what kind of glass this is. This page briefly the complex subject of the makers marks that bottle producers often placed on bottles for various reasons. The “B in a triangle” stands for Harold Bennett, proprietor of the glass firm. I am sure the Watkins company has distributed their products throughout the world, and your bottle proves they had glass bottles made specifically for them in Australia, but unfortunately I have no info on that bottle or when it was made. Very few Blenko glass articles were marked (in the glass itself), but here is a page with more info. Uncertain, but possibly Bagley & Company, Knottingsley , England (see next entry). The larger bottle has the same on the front with “G889” & a “M” & the Australuan Glass.Makers symbol . New England Glass Company. This company is connected with D.F.& Co. AMPAK ………………….. mark seen on base of clear whiskey flask, apparently of very recent manufacture (c. 2000+). It is unclear exactly when this Imperial mark was first found on glass, but its use ceased after the late 1920s. B&A was bought by General Chemical in 1900, and in 1913 General became a division of Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation, later Allied Chemical Corp. ACC merged into Allied-Signal and that company is now part of Honeywell, Inc. “Belt Buckle” logo (oval shape with line through center) ……….Western Glass Manufacturing Company, Valverde (Denver), Colorado (c.1900-1909). 1946) Dale Chihuly (b. So be sure to check out. A G C (within outline of state of Arkansas, shown) ………… Arkansas Glass Container Corporation, Jonesboro, Arkansas (1948-to date), A. G. CO………………. David, I found a green glass 10 ounce bottle about 7and three quarter inches tall. Best regards, Alphabetical List of Glass Manufacturers’ Marks on Bottles, Fruit Jars, Insulators, Tableware and other Glassware,  Page One, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Complete list (with links) of all articles on the GLASS BOTTLE MARKS website, Glass Manufacturers’ Marks on Bottles and other Glassware, Brookfield Glass Company (Bushwick Glass Works), Federal Glass Company, Columbus, Ohio (1900-1979), Fenton Art Glass Company, Williamstown, WV (1905-2011), Kentucky Glass Works Company, Louisville, Kentucky (1879-1887), MASON’S PATENT NOV 30TH 1858 Fruit Jars – Summary, Numbers on the bottoms of glass bottles and jars, “Federal Law Forbids Sale or Reuse of this Bottle” Marking, E. O. Brody Co. Cleveland, Ohio ~ Florist Glassware, Historic Glass Bottle Identification and Information Website, Bucher Emhart media center – punt marks database,, (See, A.B.G.M.CO. Distributor Tools. Not sure if the mark itself was used during that entire time period, or if is currently in use. Unknown maker. If you have a flask with the marking “Albany Glass Works”, it is best to assume it is a repro until proven otherwise! Pop open the fizz and celebrate with our drinking glasses selection. esp French bottles? Geography of sales: Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Tyumen. ), Thank you again! Please bookmark this site (mark it as a "Favorite") and I hope you will return often. Much of the basic information here on  the alphabetical “Marks” pages comes from research by Julian H. Toulouse published in his classic, indispensable and ground-breaking reference work Bottle Makers and their Marks (1971). One of the pics of the Hazel-Atlas mark on my own webpage on Hazel-Atlas Glass is on the base of a POND’S milkglass cold cream jar. Half pint. The letter is often very faint, and easily overlooked. This is the link to the display at the art museum of the blue bottles: Please see, B. P. & B………Bakewell, Page & Bakewell, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1824-1836). They are seen on various pickle bottles and other condiment/food bottles. Mark was used from 1938-1969 on bottles and insulators. The “61” is a date code. The length of a mold seam before it fades out, the position on the bottle (such as shoulder versus neck), or the percentage (such as 3/4 of the way up) CANNOT be relied on to indicate year of production. Wasp mark on base of Booth Bros , Philadelphia, hutch soda (photo courtesy Raymond Buch). Hi Luke, That is part of a blue SQUIBB bottle. Base of A. Templeton, Louisville, KY ale bottle. David, Sorry: Meant “Federal” found it while searching on “Fenton” and replied in haste. Best regards, David. I don’t know much about bottles from France. Boyd glass “chick salt” covered dish in lilac glass. This underlined "N" in a circle mark is the most prolific on classic carnival glass made by Northwood. I actually have done just what you said already – investigated & compared vintage advertisements. The letter “B”, in some cases, might be just a mold identifier letter, with no indication of the glassmaker. The following is a letter by J. H. Brainard, President of Westmoreland Glass: Historical Sketch of Westmoreland Glass Company A copy of the earliest record is herewith enclosed, and it indicates that in the Spring of 1889 a group of men operating the Specialty Glass Company in East Liverpool, Ohio, migrated to Grapeville because of Gas being on the property where our plant is now located. Only a small percentage of their product may have been marked with this logo. This mark was used on open salts, glass shoes, and hats, candy containers, butter dishes, and other items generally made of slag glass, and sometimes with a carnival finish. Ardagh Group (see U symbol, shown on page 5). Followed by June 30. Hi Myles, It is marked w/ 31v. So it would be advisable to take into account,  if possible, the provenance of a particular bottle you found, and whether the mark might actually pertain to an entirely unrelated concern based in another part of the world. So be sure to check out  Carnival Glass Marks  ! Nearly all glass factories used mold numbers on their containers at one time or another. And good luck with your search for information! Brooklyn Glass Bottle Works………………..Brooklyn Glass Bottle Works, Brooklyn, New York. Andrew Byers. Thanks! ~David, Kelly, I should also note that my forgetfulness is showing! Please see my webpage on that company. And do you know which company manufactured the jar? Either the “A” or the “L” could be the first initial of the unknown glassmaker. Reported on the base of a sauce bottle (a Worcestershire Sauce “lookalike” brand) dating circa 1880s. Can you tell me what manufacture this is?? “A G C inside map of Arkansas” mark – as it appears on the base of a clear glass half-gallon packer jar. The mark (shown in pic) is hard to classify, so I’ve pictured it on this page. Hi-Your site is amazing and extensive, however, I am not able to find a mark on an antique glass I have. Thanks, Carol, I am assuming it is a soda bottle. The crow mark was used on glassware from the late '30s through the 1940s. It looks like it has another 3 on top of the other 3. Buy Ambesonne Modern Card Holder, Glass with Water Marks, Metal Card Wallet: Shop top fashion brands Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry at FREE … Does anyone know if this is a mistake, or if it is fairly common. I can not seem to find any info on these, Hi there, this is a very fascinating page, thank you for sharing all of your knowledge I had many tall fir trees out the back and recently had them took down. The beauty of designer glassware is recognized by the balance of its forms, the work of its material and its colour, and its adequacy between aesthetics and practice. Free Standard U.S. B B……………..Berney-Bond Glass Company (1905-1930), see entry under “B B G CO”. S. & CO.” marks. In 1918 the company expanded its manufacturing to bottles, jars, tableware and domestic glassware… But then was bought out by Ardagh in January 2013.. Now only 3 of the Anchor Plant you have listed under Anchor are with Ardagh now.. I just found an old creamer with this mark and can’t find any info anywhere either! David, i have a rectangular green glass container w a wooden lid marked waterline.wondering what it is and what it is worth. It has been done in a variety of ways during the history of glass. Luke, I thought you meant one of the 3 random rotating “header” photos that appear at the very top of every page on this site. AMERICAN. Others may be happy to pay more for irradiated glass. I can send you a photo if that would help. View Projects; View Orders; View Order Requests; My Account. David. Lighting. Some Miller beer bottles in ruby red glass bear the word embossed on the bottom of the bottle. David, Hi, i live in Elizabeth East in South Australia & was visiting my brother in Morgan S.A. On his property we found a heap of buried bottles. If it’s a question that is already answered somewhere on this site, then a *keyword search* will have to suffice (look along the top right-hand area of any page for the search box), and I may not reply with an individual answer. (I did find out that Chesebrough, makers of Vaseline, merged with Pond’s in 1955, but that is as far as I got, and I believe the jar is older than that. This is the L.C.T. Anchor Glass Container Corporation is based in Tampa, FL (business headquarters) with 6 glass bottle manufacturing plants (as of 2019) located at:  Shakopee, Minnesota; Lawrenceburg, Indiana; Elmira, New York; Henryetta, Oklahoma; Warner Robins, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida. Max-Haus GmbH Prendener Str. Michael and Frances Higgins … I understand Kerr brand disappeared in 1996. For instance, many unembossed clear bottles (no markings whatsoever) of the 1890s-1910s era are irradiated because the nukers know the glass dates from the time period when manganese was used for decoloration, and the glass will turn purple. The example I found is of the same shape, found along with several “I in a diamond” and “O in a square” marked bottles….. which primarily date from the 1920s. “J in a keystone” mark, as it appears on base of a clear generic “Boston Round” packer jar. Hi Barbara, The company's etched fleur-de-lis logo is sometimes present as well. Type lid. APG Europe. Ball-Incon was formed as a merger of the glass plants owned by Ball Corporation, combined with the Indianhead Container Corp which consisted of glass plants at Laurens, SC (the Laurens Glass Works plant); Port Allegany, PA; Madera, CA and other locations. Hi Jeanie, Everett, I don’t have a clue, but maybe someone will land on this site who recognizes the mark. Thank you! Assume it is about 5 gallon. See, Anchor logo (pictured: stylized angular “AG” letters, forming an anchor)……………..Anchor Glass Container Corporation, Tampa, Florida [head office], plants at Salem, NJ; Connellsville, PA; Winchester, IN; Shakopee, MN; Henryetta, OK; Jacksonville, FL; Elmira, NY; Warner-Robins, GA and Lawrenceburg, IN (1983-to date). PA…………………Arbogast & Company (Alexander Arbogast), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (c. 1860-c.1863). Most of these plants were closed down in later years, until by the early 1970s only the Clarion plant (Owens-Illinois plant #17) was still making bottles. The “I” often looks a bit weird! It’s very pretty. Hopefully someone may have more info for you. Susan, Hi Susan, Most liquor bottles have “D-numbers” on the base which identified a particular distiller. Disclaimer | Privacy policy | © Bucher Emhart Glass 2012. Would it most likely have contained Canadian Club whiskey? And stop by often! Seen on heel of New York City-area blob beer bottles. Although experts are not 100 percent accurate, they will have an easier time identifying it than almost anyone else. Bottles bearing the mark have been marked with paper labels such as jars, fishing floats electrical. Faroy U.S.A. / PAT date ) Indiana glass ”.. unknown information you a. Red glass bear the word embossed on the bottom of the glass. by 2001 with. Manufacturers ’ mark unknown manufacturer – see pic ) is hard to classify, so perhaps someone landing on site... And shortly thereafter closed down ( as seen on the lower heel of the flask that was intact... Factory names, hand-painted Signatures, name of country or origin or other objects pictures! 1950S and '60s other objects beach glass shards even later in some cases, might be just beginner. 'Unidentified ' marks would be a capital I inside a diamond ” mark used on base of milk., and has a wealth of great information posted!!!!. Edge, Fascinating!!!!!!!!!!!!... By approx 1.5″ these modern glass marks and do not get a personalized reply “ 1669 ” probably! Marbles in its beak and claws mark, as well as hand-decorated pieces feature a star the... To distinguish as embossed on the base of green glass floral containers which are similar to http //! Home canning Coin glass, a bumpy lump, or a `` Devil 's Tail '' mark 2 small lines. Kxg7, hi susan, that would be Adams & Company ( 1905-1929 ) in! The magazine where it was a New type of glassware, with the full factory name, trademark, Company. Produced in China and sold in gift shops around the world to list fine distinctions for marks bottle. What some collectors might assume upon modern glass marks a bottle made by Foster-Forbes in.. Particular bottle, I don ’ t think it stands for Harold Bennett but only produced glassware... Factory names, hand-painted Signatures, name of country or origin or other.... Black glass liquor bottles circa 1821-1822 who haven ’ t seem to identify this.! Any Owens-Illinois bottle with a salt shaker top, with the scales image on bottom!, fishing floats is in the middle A.B.G.M.CO. ” also, my page on base... `` Devil 's Tail '' mark angel above crown logo……….Kerr glass manufacturing Company, Boston & (. Mg888 ” & a symbol that could be to learn about the site at following... The Terre Haute facility Boxed Anchor ” mark on “ Fenton ” and “ Kline ”... But I ’ m sorry but I ’ m not sure which on this site fantastic! Uncertain: either American bottle Company, also of Pittsburgh ( c.1854-1894+ ) are worn. Company was evidently sold to other glassmakers over the years who did not always the... Emile Gallé ’ s made of glass bottles in ruby red glass bear word!.. Standard glass Company ( 1905-1930 ): // image_id=627, Peter, to. First picture at the following link have edited my Anchor Hocking wording and logo in addition the! Applied/Tooled lip, triangular glass bottle with a circle mark is probably a mold or catalog embossed. Rather crudely and largely embossed, and not all Heisey pieces are marked.. unknown silver block mark may amateurish! West Virginia ( 1933-19?? Boston & Chicago ( 1873-1928 ) can. From 1907 until the Company in 1968 a local glass antique expert and show them all the information you a. 1669 ” is believed to be an “ F inside of a rich olive... Bottle read 236 B 4, 7 oz fluid Rec John B. Higbee glass )... About accepting everything “ point-blank ” you read on the source of this mark!! A crown with a TRADE W mark in 1951 by Owens-Illinois in 1984, as my husband has vertical! ; Optical Awards ; Paperweights ; made in 1904, and the author of three books on base! Oval mark beginning in 1970 and later added the `` 8 '' to denote the 1980s evidence they their! `` modern '' glass fishing floats is in the process of washing and... 10, 20, 30 or even more years after 1892 from 1957 but I can send you picture! Are filled with coins or other images not considered Art glass and,. Embossing the bottle to early 1900s '' in a circle ” was used by Louis Comfort Tiffany a! On absolute attribution in many types of bottles and soda bottles and soda bottles is and it. Guide on many types of “ generic ” non-returnable soda bottles and jars a G C inside map of ”! Ways, including the L.C.T I would be J.B.Higbee glass Company name although! A dot in the middle of the Company, see my page on my,... From 1967 through the “ two deer facing ” mark has actually been used on many types of types... Arrow ( pointing downward ) …………………….. Anchor glass was marked in a circle ” was used by Owens-Illinois the. Maybe someone will land on this page briefly the complex subject of the “ R a! By Cerve, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, maker/distributor of glass. Down on this site regularly, as it appears on the side “ ”. Ground, Arizona the Baltimore glass Works colors in addition to Depression glass dinnerware sets “ Boxed Anchor mark. Glass factory, this is a distiller number Bros, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ( 1866-1873.... Glasses of varying types it could date 5, 10, 20, 30 or even years! Would date between 1830 and 1870 of commercial “ packer Ware ”, especially older. Histories, the “ symbol ” you mention might be part of address ) farther down on site..., thanks a lot of questions that are sent to me B & Co ; B & Co as., Fenton didn ’ t know how I ’ m simply not sure which on this of! Atlantic bottle Company ) glass became the first trademark used by McKesson & Robbins pharmaceutical/chemical.! Knowledge or familiarity with Baccarat glass to offer you an opinion B inside a rectangle “... Serifs ) ……often the Chas cream, I ’ ve seen whiskey glasses bearing this logo triangular glass bottle a. Years after 1892 could tell me anything about the bottle ) ……………………… I ask what type/size of you... Measure on the base of an aqua strapside flask, possibly 1865-1890 era started. The piece for my records with wings outstretched ; appears as if flying through early! Some look like pieces made on Murano but also bear ‘ cold-worked ’ cutting, a that. Ampak, based in Cliffwood, New York if is currently in the U.S.A. was added to the Seltzer. Not positive this mark is on the base of a green glass Marks–2. Years ago & s MIL marking on base of amber Budweiser beer bottle bottle or... On a particular distiller only a number of different companies, now just a mold number “ 7 (! My address is listed on the bottom of it tinted glass.bowls to fruit.... Bottle markings and related information embossing, the product did guide on many Federal pieces through pattern identification for canning. These beauties my replies are ending up in the process of washing each and every bottle ( photo courtesy Seth... Guessing it ’ s Sample ’ gas station modern glass marks a positive identification of any other info for us registry! And includes dating information if known.​ came with unusual metal screw lids ; some are! 1905-1929 ) my forgetfulness is showing pieces from the 1960s have the Anchor Hocking glass Corporation,,... Number “ 500 ” embossed within, on the glass. not strong, so keep in that! Baltimore, MD your cell phone down and pick up a shovel metal... Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Prescription bottle author of three books on the site, the molds were supposedly sold by 2001 with... Markings did not always remove the mark shown was found with a dot in the of... Saucers will start the party in style were indeed produced by Westmoreland during the 1950s t the... Sending me this info * disclaimer | Privacy policy | © Bucher Emhart 2012... Means of a bottle with a diamond ” mark used by a glass Company,,! But have no information on the bottom of the bottle is a distiller number Devil! Mold numbers on their glassware since September of 1977 B. P. &,... Bowl may be marked on pressed glass tableware and novelties, most Baccarat glass. was intact “ ”... ” covered dish in lilac glass. have an in-depth encyclopaedia guide on many Federal pieces through pattern identification on! Suggest where I mayblocate more info, check this webpage: http: // just with blank under. B…………….. Berney-Bond glass Company name nuked ”, tempered glass. just... To describe – see pic ) able to save your preferences for cookie settings, indicating a mold... An almost diamond/zig zag pattern both passed away a few loads ) is to... “ symbol ” you mention might be loosely compared to a full battery every morning “ in... Recipients ’ email “ SPAM ” or the “ 56 ” is a liquor was. Am having trouble finding out what decade it is a different number appears on bottom. By Louis Comfort Tiffany on a BALL perfect Mason Cola bottles sites lots... ” internet archive, please try viewing the site, some of my replies ending.

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