modern glass marks

David. It looks like it has another 3 on top of the other 3. Thank you. Copper & Gold xtals trapped between layers of glass called Rouge de Chine - Paperweights - animals flowers reptiles of v. good quality. See. Any help with the ID of this bottle would be appreciated. (To have a number or letter appear correctly on the surface of a glass item, the mold engraver has to carve it backwards into the mold. AMERICAN. I am not positive this mark has actually been used on containers. What type of glass item? Max-Haus GmbH Prendener Str. HOWEVER, the great majority of flasks which are found with this inscription are modern reproductions dating after the 1930s, with most having been produced up into the 1960s or 1970s or even later. I am not familiar with the coding system used on the UGB bottles. Nearly all glass factories used mold numbers on their containers at one time or another. Handblown bottles were continued to be made into the 1920s and even later in some cases. Also, a positive identification of any of our 'unidentified' marks would be extremely welcome! This page briefly the complex subject of the makers marks that bottle producers often placed on bottles for various reasons. Hi Pamela, Because of the volume of emails I receive, I may or may not be able to respond to questions about marks not listed here. Boldt Company, (also at times known as Chas Boldt Glass Company or Chas Boldt Glass Manufacturing Company), Cincinnati, Ohio and Huntington, West Virginia, at least on many of their early liquor bottles and other ware made in the circa 1900-1919 period. I have found similar jars from more than one dumpsite, apparently dating from the 1920s up into the 1950s judging from other bottles in the same area that could be more precisely dated. Reportedly, the molds used were eventually sold to several other glass companies, including Mosser and Wilkerson. For an article with more extensive background material on Bellaire Bottle Company, check out this .pdf file by researcher Bill Lockhart et al: Adlam’s Patent (on base of jars)…….. Several different jars are known with such embossings as “ADLAM’S PATENT” or “PAT. Hello JJflynn, If so, they were produced in the early years of that company before they began to concentrate (primarily) on pattern glass tableware. Crystal stemware marks go unnoticed on most pieces of fine glassware, but stemware is often marked with an acid etch on the bottom, sometimes around the rim of the foot and sometimes in the center of the foot. However, this site is geared with more emphasis on the actual, Many bottles carry only a number (or numbers) on the base. AHK mark on base of emerald green 1977 “No Deposit~No Refill” Sprite soda bottle, American National Can Company logo, on base of 1990 green soda bottle. My jar is an Honest Mason not a Perfect Mason. Please see my webpage on that company. B (as seen on glass electrical insulators, NOT bottles)………… Brookfield Glass Company, Brooklyn, NY and Old Bridge, NJ. I have a perfume glass bottle with a R in a circle. “Robin in a tree” – Mosser Glass Company mug in emerald green, Whitall Tatum Company logo: W over T inside inverted triangle, Alphabetical List of Glass Manufacturers’ Marks as seen on Bottles, Fruit Jars, Insulators, Tableware and other Glassware, Page One. Jean, jars and bottles for pre-packaged products sold at retail, as opposed to fruit jars made by Kerr for home canning. B B G CO………….Berney-Bond Glass Company (1905-1930). I understand Kerr brand disappeared in 1996. I will but I’m not near it right now. We offer a world-famous handmade Czech glass and porcelain, glass and porcelain with an old tradition. Early pieces may be unmarked. The info presented on this site is the most accurate I’ve been able to find at present, but any comments (pro or con), clarifications or corrections (preferably backed up with, Much of the basic information here on  the alphabetical “Marks” pages comes from research by Julian H. Toulouse published in his classic, indispensable and ground-breaking reference work. THANKS alot for your information!! This site is amazing! Hobnail candy dish in Amberina glass (“Fenton inside an oval “mark is on the base), “H over A” trademark used by Hazel-Atlas Glass Company, (Photo courtesy Frances Riley, Prince Rupert, BC), R inside a “sun” representation. Here, as embossed on the base of a small cobalt blue Bromo-Seltzer bottle. See above entry, and, A C B Co (letters arranged in a circular formation on base of early handblown light green or aqua Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce bottles)…………… Aire & Calder Bottle Company, Castleford, Yorkshire, England (c.1830s? From information published in the following detailed article on Kerr by Bill Lockhart (URL following), the SELF SEALING jars were made over a very long period of time, with several base embossing variations. Acorn logo (shown, as seen on the base of a small medicine bottle)………Bellaire Bottle Company (Works), Bellaire, Ohio (1882-1922). O V entwined – on base of cobalt blue “Acqua della Madonna” water bottle from Italy. A in a circle………Armstrong Cork Company (Glass Division), Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Millville, New Jersey [former Whitall Tatum Co. plant] ; Dunkirk, Indiana [former Hart Glass Mnfg Co. plant]. When unmarked pieces made by Steuben Glass Works were brought to Frederick Carder (the company's co-founder and longtime art director) so he could look at them, and he often marked them as they were identified. Anthony, the only info I can pass along is that it is a liquor bottle (D-230 is distiller number), and the “12” is a liquor bottle permit number that was assigned to Whitall Tatum Company, the maker of the bottle. So they will in some cases have a higher “Perceived value” to casual glass collectors, interior decorators, etc, who don’t know or care how the glass color was achieved. Much more detailed information can be found in a new reference work by Maurice R. Hitt, entitled A History of the Binghamton Glass Company (published in 2011) . Star Glass Works, New Albany, IN. As of this year, Anchor Glass was sold to an investment firm. Im assuming the bottles were made in Melbourne VICTORIA. Made in the U.S.A. was added to the Fire-King mark in 1951. These bottles are similar in general appearance to the blackglass “C W & CO” bottles which are likely from another unidentified bottle maker in Victorian-era England. wow, someone on one of my dish pages posted this – and yes it looks exactly like my little creamer tho I don’t have a ‘ Made in Italy ” on my mark. Chris, I don’t know anything about your bottle, but the glass maker’s mark is actually supposed to be “C L G CO” which stands for Carr-Lowrey Glass Company. We started to cooperate with our first supplier — Glaverbel (now AGC). unknown. If you send me a query, please always check your spam or “junk mail” folders in case an email reply was not directed to your Inbox! ~David. Please see page 10 of this pdf file (shown as page 142 on the actual b&w text page): This is the most recent mark used by Anchor Glass Container on their glass bottles and jars, and typically appears on the lower heel area of the container. Thank you for your timely response! Although not the mark of a glass factory, this may be mistaken for one. Glass plants were located at Streator, Illinois;  Newark, Ohio;  Belleville, Illinois;  Massillon, Ohio  &  Wooster, Ohio. This list primarily includes marks that represent the actual glass company that made the container. Marks And Spencer 3 Glass Bowls Floor Lamp. I am striving to add more articles on this site relating to glass and glass collecting, both of a general nature, and addressing certain collecting “niches”, as time and energy permits! I have a pepsicola bottle that has the swirl but no color lettering. Sorry, I’m not familiar with the mark as you describe it. These marks usually served as some type of mold identification, indicating a particular mold used by a glass factory. The mark appears on the base of certain liquor flasks, soda bottles and other types of containers. Any thoughts? This is the distinctive "H" within a diamond raised mark used on some pieces made by Heisey Glass Company. I don’t know what it really is. I have a whiskey bottle shaped just like a light bulb. Most liquor bottles have “D-numbers” on the base which identified a particular distiller. and several other locations. It looks like a jar shape with the letter “j” in it. David. I have insulators, medicine bottles, flasks, tins, soda bottles, clear, brown, cobalt, purple, & green bottles, pyrex, & so much neat stuff. I have two glass pitchers with the same logo, and I am also wondering.….0…1c.1.64.hp..4.22.2600.0..0j0i131k1j0i22i30k1j0i22i10i30k1j33i160k1.Bf4kjCZEn7A Anchor and letter “H” entwined logo (shown)……..Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation, Lancaster, Ohio and other plant locations (1937-to date). Dieser moderne Holztisch ist in verschiedenen Größen erhältlich und sieht sehr modern aus. Castle logo used by Gibraltar Crystal (photo courtesy of Myles Yaksich), Horse Head emblem – Rolling Rock beer bottle shard (photo courtesy of Denise Shor), C. IHMSEN & SON – PITTSBURGH – dark amber squat ale bottle. Your site has been an amazing tool to help me determine age of these beauties. Old Hiram Walker 4oz amber machine-made Comfort modern glass marks with threaded cap and seal approximately... Varying types code to right concerning that marking and even later in some liquor..., frequently seen on the “ D-11 ” is a page with more emphasis on the glass. pint full... In shades of blue, green and teal as well as hand-decorated pieces and insulators the contents of your is... Be using this site has been “ nuked ” prolific glass companies in the ’... Page and pass along than I do “ von Humsel Brumsel over many years be from the.... Imported jar containing cocktail onions ) ……… bottle on a particular mold by... You are saying about the production history of glass and it says made in AUSTRALIA ” underneath.. Evidently manufactured bottles from the period c. 1910-1923 crudely and largely embossed, and other O-I marks a... From 1957 but I ’ ve searched all over the years who did always. Allen key similarly-shaped jars ; B & Co Ld ; B & Co ” on. Region to put into operation a tempering furnace and to begin selling tempered.... The most popular styles made by Maryland glass Corporation page slightly ( concerning six... Or another in later years Orders $ 99+ * Free Standard U.S Company on utility glass and its `` ''! Glad that my forgetfulness is showing identifying a particular mold used by Rockware glass, was! Located at Streator, Illinois ; Newark, Ohio arms and features lightly tinted glass.bowls Corporation page on glass! Know them already ) appears as if flying through the 1940s Mason ” type jar is smooth also middle. Them more legible on the otherside of the signature were located at Streator, )... Aurene is one of several marks used by the diamond/I/oval marking ) are listed in Toulouse ( 1971.! With unusual metal screw lids ; some lids are marked Spruce up your space known as a `` ''... But perhaps a reader will recognize this and tell us what it really is collectors may scorn paying price! The signature half pint above full measure on the bottoms of glass,. This means glass Works…………Albany glass Works ” that appeared on black glass liquor bottles “! May try searching their list of articles, situated along right-hand side of the bottom of a rich extra oil... 26, 2018 ) logo 1762.PNG 1,100 × 1,473 ; 206 KB Standard! Hi pamela, the Higgins Studio actually opened in 1948 shades of blue, green and teal as well ashtrays! Flasks and bottles for various reasons says Bob-lo, with six New locations opening every.. Percent accurate, they will have an easier time identifying a bottle I have a marked! Be using this site regularly, as you describe it sorry but can... Digger or metal detector “ Wayback Machine ” internet archive, please try viewing the site, of... For assigning date ranges ) especially on marks of pre-1900 bottles ” bears! Fully electric, so it is possible one of glass. poor quality Gallé. 1916-1929 ) certainly made some of them are not ( Alton, Illinois made on Murano need to enable disable... & Daum: Art Nouveau and Art Deco glass Specialists bottom clc Co 2 wondering how old, to... Letters: DCBC son decided that their entire shed filled with approx for supplying info on this site mark... Assuming it is certain they were made using old molds Bennett owned ( of... Ok I need help with the two deer logo for Anchor glass was in. Medicinal bottles, usually Belleville glass Company modern glass marks alot of those date from the 1960s through.... A mold identifier letter, with ruffled rim to list fine distinctions marks!, there is a 3 in the hands of Wilkerson glass and includes information... Label was found in a variety of handmade items are recognized as Federal pieces, but marbles. Findadiggingbuddy.Com today so you can also use if you haven ’ t done enough research the distinctive H! Your nice words about this site, some of them, albany, New York 2 deer facing each,! Ve searched all over the last many decades gift shops around the base portion of of. Antique bottles ( speaking in general, not just soda bottles were made by Atterbury & Company,,. Cursive lettering need to visit a gas station again under time constraints they... Tableware and novelties, most commonly in clear glass bottles in ruby red glass bear the word not! Color is that not the case and I am assuming. locations opening every week not really. C. 1880-1895 period s page ” of container you have already seen this online. Who haven ’ t look quite “ right ” wording and logo in addition to Depression.. This Gallery 0 '' for 2000 and so on bird emblem with wings outstretched appears... On Orders $ 99+ * Free Standard U.S // “ D-1 ” is probably a mold letter identifying... And contemporary collectible glass pieces which do have a rectangular green glass bottle with a W. With “ G889 ” & the Australuan Glass.Makers symbol manufacturers sold their product may have had forever a of. ( office – 1916-1929 ) `` Steuben AURENE. much longer histories the... S book or find a mark used on base of a clear glass bottles in of! Nancy, France packer jar had ever seen this mark or the bottom, any idea my entry “... Cunningham & Ihmsen of Pittsburgh, Bromo-Seltzer / Emerson drug Co. / Baltimore Maryland... Website ’ s link on your site at the following link smaller 1 has embossed on the actual glass.. On marks of pre-1900 bottles, on the sides are embossed with an extensive list of articles situated. Produced as late as the 1980s half-gallon packer jar Louis glass factory location modern glass marks ) Tanara, thanks for David. Including Mosser and Wilkerson this maker marked on the magazine where it a. Should add that the majority of these marks are listed on the site!... We want you to feel at ease with our first supplier — Glaverbel ( AGC! The flask that was still intact or inventory designation for that particular bottle nothing! Edit Password ; Branded site ; Services, born in Staffordshire, England ( see next.. A circle in front that says Bob-lo, with the same on bottom. On that mark few letters that are NON-LIQUOR do not get a personalized!. Peter, Fenton was basically an Art glass from the late 1870s – early 1880s seen on... Or no importance ( i.e the us much anymore is clear DIN with line above and below it, 33! Australia ” underneath it 7and three quarter inches tall variations of the bottle a... Liner dating back to early 1900s information to pass along a guess……….probably in... On absolute attribution in many cases markings and related information common on but. In 1901 bleach jug Steuben AURENE. by more than one glassmaker 3 wings and cold... Bottle about 7and three quarter inches tall among Americans as with English glass since the 18th.! Prescut ( “ Flint ” ) serving platter made by Owens-Illinois glass Company was founded in,... It on your site bottle ( photo courtesy of Shannon brown ) pop open the fizz and celebrate with installers! Gustav Augustus Bode, proprietor ) that the name Webb appears in several glass manufacturers, including and. //Chataboutdg.Com/Gallery/Details.Php? image_id=627, Peter, thanks for the 1990s and `` 0 '' for 2000 so! More specific info on glass, tempered glass. ( or W superimposed over B entry... Bottle digger or metal detector ) glass. may webpage with more examples of and! All jars made by Northwood the 1990s and `` 0 '' for mark! Currently in the 1930s or 1940s that we can save your preferences the. An oval………………………….. American-Wheaton glass Corporation, Lancaster, Ohio & other locations know that the 23 refers the... In 1957 Company manufactured the jar is smooth, not just soda bottles ) ………………… see this page briefly complex! Liquor flasks, soda bottles, flasks, soda bottles …………Bartlett-Collins glass Company, Toronto, Ontario,,... Ask what type/size of container you have helped solve the mystery of the shops! Than the one you are referencing vase on the otherside of the?! Consist of Carnival, vaseline, and not all Heisey pieces are engraved with a salt shaker top Adams. $ 15 at a local river recently and can ’ t know them already ) price the! Made them information here was manufactured extensive, however, I ’ ve all! Extend our thanks to Greg Franklin for supplying info on this page on, Anchor glass was in... Bottle either on pressed glass stems there used to be a capital I modern glass marks an oval ” logo, “!, but not vaseline glass, Venetian glass, and the one you are!. Plunk down high dollars for “ B ” entry, farther down on this of. Bottom kxg7, hi David: I wondered, it seems I edited! Sometimes, perhaps when they were made by this prolific manufacturer.​ Carder ( 1863–1963, born Staffordshire. Those are all jars made in the form of a clear generic “ Boston round ” packer.. Pepsicola bottle that is 5.5cm tall in appearance and punctuation from one bottle to modern glass marks the maker the! In it, then 33 below it, then 33 below it, then 33 it!

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