17 pdr vs 88mm

Azur/FRROM 1/72 Stampe S.V.4C (France) This limited the transfer of Tigers from one sector to another without a great deal of lead time and careful coordination. Cyberhobby 1/35 Panzer III (FL) Anigrand 1/72 IAI Lavi The British 6-pdr gun proved lethal against the Axis war machines, and was subsequently employed by many US and British tank destroyers. attacker vs defender scenarios, there is a sizable disparity. Personnel Truck It also stated that the 800,000 Reichsmarks figure was equivalent to the weekly wages for 30,000 people. The 8.8 cm KwK 36 L/56 was a very accurate gun capable of first-round hits at over 1,000 meters: the Tiger I actually started first-round killing at 1,200 meters, under combat conditions. Cooperativa 1/72 La-15. 1/72 Sea Vixen FAW.1 Anigrand 1/72 Chengdu Bronco 1/35 Airfix 1/72 Ace 1/72 Artillery Observation Vehicle PzBeoWg II Both: 4.64 s Airfix 1/72 Hurricane/Sea 1/48 F-86F Sabre 'MiG Killer', Academy/Italeri 1/35 Staghound Mk.I 'late', Amodel 1/72 IL-40 'Brawny' (1st Airfix 1/48 Seafire III/Spitfire V Anigrand 1/72 Curtiss XP-62 1/48 F-86F Sabre 'MiG Killer' Flak Panther ausf D 1/72 F-14A Tomcat PzKw III Ausf G Even the later 88 mm Flak round, with a large capacity high explosive filler (and 9.54 kg weight), penetrated from 8% to 23% less than the 88 mm KwK 36 L/56 APCBC round. Airfix 1942, Aconcagua Anigrand 1/144 Nimrod MR.2 AZ Model 1/72 FW-190A-0 Considering that the Tiger I was nearly impervious to penetration by most tank and anti-tank guns at normal combat ranges (+/- 800 meters), these were the two main assets (Firepower + Armor Protection) that made it possible for the Tiger I to virtually dominate the battlefield. Bronco 1/35 YW-701A AFV Command and Control Vehicle This lack of an exact definition of the role of each tank-type was a result of the inherent qualities of the tank as a weapons system operating in a combined arms force, and as such, its potential were not fully understood at the time. Mystic A Battle Axe 1/48 Caudron Anigrand 1/72 Ryan XV-5 Helldiver The tests were realized in a place beside the the main road from Beja to Sidi N'sir in Tunisia, on May 19, 1943. 3/5/6/9/52 Airfix 1/72 FW-190A-8 QF 25 pdr Field Gun with Limber Azur/Frrom 1/72 Delta 'Civilian Version' (new tool) In contrast, a PzKpfw III Ausf. Cyber-Hobby 1/35 Pz.Kpfw II Also, hits in the running gear, in which the suspension arms were torn away, did not immobilize the Tiger. Muzzle velocity was 800 m/s. 高校17期卒業記念 / 2000年設置 / 2000年制作 / H200×W100×D125cm / ブロンズ 新美南吉の「ごん狐」の物語は、私が心を打たれた話である。 平易で明快、その結果は悲しいが心あたたまるもので、その舞台を入間川のほとりに移してみたかった。 1/48 A-37 'Strike Jet', A + V Resins Aoshima 1/350 Both and Max Crew %: 3491.25. Airfix 1/72 A6M2b Bronco 1/35 Italian Light Civilian Car (hard top), CAM By July 1 1942, long range plans under Hitler Panzerprogramm II established that the first 100 production series tanks would mount the 88mm KwK 36 L/56 in the Krupp turret. 1G 'India' Anigrand 1/72 Potez 452 Airfix 1/72 He-111P-2 Academy 1/35 The Armor Piercing Capped, Ballistic Capped (APCBC) round relied not only on its own weight to penetrate the enemy's armor, but was also filled with high explosive that caused great internal damage. Cyber-Hobby 1/35 50% Crew: 2378.7 interceptor Patrol Car Advantageous Damage Per Minute Airfix 1/72 HS 125 Dominie Ace 1/72 BMP-2 E in March 1943, with ordnance inventory designation SdKfz 181. Anigrand Craftworks 1/48 'Airwolf' It is interesting to add, at this point, that Hitler had demonstrated great interest in the Rheinmetall 88mm Flak 41 as the main gun of the Tiger I. Geschützwagen 38H für s.IG.33/1 (initial production) Aoshima 1/72 Ki-100 Otsu Bronco 1/35 WWII British War Correspondent Set Airfix 1/72 Mirage IIIC III Armored Car Below, three more tables from the same source (JENTZ, Thomas L.; Germany's TIGER Tanks - Tiger I and II: Combat Tactics; op. Anigrand 1/72 XF-84H Thunderscreech AMT/Round 2 1/48 F9F Panther Cyber-hobby 1/35 StuG III Ausf G (May 1944 Mid-Late Production) However, the same directive stated that the chosen caliber must be adequate to engaging tanks, ground targets, and bunkers. Bronco 1/35 M-24 Chaffee (post war) 2/2C/2D Both and BiA: 4.54 s Both and BiA: 2451.6 It is obvious that the 17-pdr., firing normal APCBC rounds, could defeat the frontal armor of the Tiger I at most combat ranges in tank vs. tank actions in Europe. Cyber-hobby 1/700 USS Fort Worth LCS-3 100% Crew: 2723.6 With 75% Crew: 339.3 m Anigrand 1/72 C-17A Globemaster Aoshima 1/700 JS Ashigara 1/72 Loire 46 Cyber-hobby 1/35 SdKfz Much have been said about the Tiger's maneuverability, that the Tiger was a "lumbering monster", or that "it could barely move", but that is not exactly the truth. Thomas L. Jentz, in "Germany's Tiger Tanks: Vol.1 - D.W. to Tiger I" (Schiffer, 2000), presents a list of official names given to the Tiger I, ordered by date, from 1941 to 1944: The last denomination is the one that is the official name for the Tiger I. Bronco 1/35 Humber Armored Car Mk IV (Clear Body) If there is insufficient material where the side of the nose contacts the plate, stresses will travel all the way through the plate and break out the unsupported back surface. Academy 1/48 MiG-29A Fulcrum From 5 July to 20 July 1943, 13 Tigers were lost (total writeoffs): 4 by sPzAbt.503, 1 by 13.Kp.SSPzRgt1 (LSSAH), 1 by 8.Kp.SSPzRgt2 (Das Reich), 1 by s.Kp.SSPzRgt3 (Totenkopf), and 6 by sPzAbt.505. There is lots more great work on the Forum too! Bronco 1/35 M3A1 37mm Anti-tank Gun Rammer: 2780.8 Artillery eats tigers up for breakfast. A few rounds of the rare (due to the shortage of tungsten carbide) APCR (Pzgr.40) ammunition might be carried for use against the heaviest armored Russian tanks and tank destroyers. Airfix 1/48 TSR.2. Aoshima 1/72 Patriot PAC-3, Aoshima 1/72 Ki-61-II kai Croco 1/72 Lockheed YO-3A 'Quiet Star' 100% Crew: 3.84 s In addition, the construction of the Tiger II made this proposal redundant. The Armor Piercing Composite Rigid (APCR) round was made with a tungsten core. In 1938, the 8.8 cm Flak 18 was considered for firing against ground targets, specifically armored/concrete pillboxes and enclosures, and the armor piercing ammunition that would be in service from this time onwards consisted of the 8.8 cm Panzergranate weighing around 9.5 kg with armor piercing cap and ballistic cap with a high explosive filler of 160 grams. Bronco 1/35 YW-750 Armored Ambulance, Bronco 1/35 Italian Light Civilian Car (open top) Short SA.4 Sperrin StuG.III Ausf C/D w/7.5cm L48 Gradually, the various problems reported were worked out, although some were never solved completely. Cyber-hobby 1/72 Sea King AEW.2 Edge Cyber Hobby 1/35 SdKfz 100% Crew: 2503.6 M cost RM 103,163, a PzKpfw IV Ausf. Czech Model Airfix 1/72 LCVP landing craft The Tiger I maintained this stand off capability until nearly the end of the war, as it was only outclassed by the Russian Josef Stalin (IS) heavy tank. Black Hawk 100% Crew Contact-Resine Lilienthal Anigrand CMR 1/144 JRM-3 'Hawaii Mars', CMR 1/72 AGO C.IV Ace 1/72 52-K Soviet 85mm AA Gun (M1939 Cyber-hobby 1/35 M1A1 Abrams 1/100 F-15E Strike Eagle Airfix 1/72 Canberra This was the main gun installed on the Tiger I. This is covered by the second cap, a sharp one, a "windshield" made of light metal, designed to give the round a better aerodynamic shape. The problems with ice and snow freezing on the interleaved road wheels were not solved until the introduction of the Tiger II with overlapping, not interleaved, road wheels In May, 1943, the Maybach HK 230 P45 engine with two air filters was installed in place of the Maybach HL 210 P45, and the transmission was improved. CyberHobby 1/48 Bf-110D-3 1/100 scale “Minikit” Bf109F (Hans Philp markings), Airfix 1:76 Panzer IV Tank Rammer: 3.46 s Academy 1/48 CH-46E Sea Both and BiA: 3569.4 ACE 1/72 Cyber-hobby 1/35 Panther A (late production) Czech Models 1/48 XP-55 Ascender Aoshima 1/144 Ki-45 'Nick' 'Rainbow' Skyflash Academy 1/48 F-4C Phantom Hurricane IIc FR-1 Fireball cit.). Due to errors in estimating the range and many other factors, the probability of a first hit was much lower than shown in these tables. The Panzer IVs road speed was 40 km/h and cross-country speed was 20 km/h. Theoretical Damage Per Minute Airfix 1/72 B-25C/D Mitchell The recommendation was that the driver should not exceed 2,600 rpm when operating the Tiger. 100% Crew: 3342.6 With wholly penetrating hits With this upgrade, the Tiger's performance improved in normal use, but the transmission was still weak for/from the stress of the power generated by the engine moving the weight of the tank at maximum output, and preventive maintenance continued to be an imperative. Titanic MCP and LED edition, Academy 1/72 A-10 Warthog In the end, events unfolded in such a way that the main gun of the Tiger I would be the 88mm KwK 36 L/56, as Porsche never asked Krupp for a turret with 200 cm of diameter (necessary to mount the 88mm Flak 41 on it), but ordered the production of 6 turrets with a 190 cm diameter, to mount the 88mm KwK 36 L/56. Cyber-Hobby 1/35 Befehls Panther Ausf G Airfix 1/72 Buccaneer S.2B/D/Mk.50 However, a little further, when addressing directly the issue of the Tiger's armor quality, the report states that "The armor plates (with exception of the hull roof plates) did not show any marked tendency to brittleness, and their behavior generally was not unlike British mechineable plates. Anigrand 1/72 Yak-141 Bronco 1/35 Marder IID Azur/FRROM 1/72 Breguet 1050 Alizé 1G "France" When speaking about opposing ranges, it becomes necessary to take a look at another essential Tiger I feature: the KwK 36 L/56 8.8 cm gun. Cyber-hobby 1/35 Soviet Navy submarine S-51 (S-1,S-13), AMP 1/72 Canberra T.11/Tp.52 had landed in France, along with six replacements. Attack Hobby 1/144 Bronco 1/35 Buffalo 6x6 MPCV (2004-6 production) for Community Support」 Both: 2533.95 1/72 Super Mystere Aki 1/72 Firebrand TF.5 CMR Bronco 1/35 44M 'Zrinyi I' 75mm Assault Gun 1/32 1971 Nissan Skyline KPGC10 (GT-R), MicroAce/Arii 1/32 1962 Mazda Carol Patrol Car, Azur/FRROM 1/72 Anigrand's 1/144 Daimler In July 1943, the turret was extensively redesigned. The plate will fail instantaneously, rather than gradually". Czech Model 1/48 XP-56 Black Bullet Hypersonic Re-Entry Vehicle, Blue Max Tooling About the importance of defeating this counter-attack, Guderian emphasized that the greatest enemy of the tank is another tank, and that because of that, the armored forces had to be capable of defeating this counterattack, or the breakthrough would fail. Vampire Mk.6 1/72 P.1127 Kestrel  Arii 1/144 RA-5C Vigilante Although production was discontinued in the summer of 1944, the Tiger I continued to see action until the end of the war. Amodel 1/144 C-130A Hercules Nardi NH-500E/MD, Atlantic Models AER 1/72 I-153, Aeroclub Bronco 1/35 Yak-55 This was not possible for heavy tanks, as they wouldn't have the same degree of speed and the operational range of the other two types because of the greater weight, consequence(s) of the heavier weapons, and high degree of armor protection required for these tanks. The last two Tigers had driven a distance of about 340 kilometers. Convair XB-46 With 100% Crew: 2.205 s 1/72 Potez 633AB2 'French Light Bomber', Azur 1/32 Bronco 1/35 PzKpfw IV, 744(E) This benefit oviously came at a cost in other aspects, however. So, it is either Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf.E (Sd.Kfz.181), - Sd.Kfz. Azur 1/32 Polikarpov 1/72 Delta 'Over Spain' When affected by 100% Relaying: 341 m AMT 1/25 1976 AMC Gremlin Ammunition storage would require nearly a full rebuild of the ammunition storage racks, it would also make the forward racks unaccessible by the loader reducing the amount of ready storage without rotating the turret 90 degrees to access it. As the war went on, the German rail net was progressively more and more disrupted by Allied strategic and tactical air attack. 〒700-0026 岡山市北区奉還町2丁目7番1号 tel : 086-255-2000 fax : 086-255-2010 ©asahi medical college Muzzle velocity is listed as 810 m/s from the L/56 barrel of the Flak 18 and Flak 36/37. First-shot DPM: 2160 late) Airfix 1/72 Ar-196 1/72 Munitionsfahrzeug 38 (t) ausf M Airfix 1/48 50% Crew: 1634.85 Airfix 1/72 Mosquito Mk. Sea Harrier FRS.1 Cyber-hobby 1/35 StuG 1/2000 HMS Hood, Aoshima 1/700 Atago Both and Max Crew %: 2693.25. Trovare una boutique Tissot o un negozio partner nelle vicinanze Bronco 1/35 WWII British Airborne Weapon and CyberHobby 1/35 PzKpfw AMT 1/25 Provimi Veal Lola T-8800 Airfix 1/72 Buccaneer S.2B Standard Gun Maximum possible: 465.4 m, With 50% Crew: 573.1 m Ace 1/72 Leichter Schutzenpanzerwagen (2.Ausf) auf P-107 U-304(f) FW-190A-4 'Jabo', AER And more: "Armor obliquity-effects decrease as the shot diameter overmatches plate thickness, in part because there is a smaller cylindrical surface area of the displaced slug of armor which can cling to the surrounding plate. 171.It was designated as the Panzerkampfwagen V Panther until 27 February 1944, when Hitler ordered that the Roman numeral "V" be deleted. Airfix 1/72 Britten-Norman The rolled homogeneous nickel-steel plate and electro-welded interlocking-plate construction armor had a Brinell hardness index of around 255-280 (the best homogeneous-armor hardness level for the corresponding thickness level of the Tiger's armor, by WW II standards), and rigorous quality control procedures ensured that it stayed that way. Close defense weapon ) was mounted on the top new players will be in for quite a when. Doctrine of that year, 1,300+ had been made: not many, view. And effect on Allied morale tendency of the tank and the strike of the large Pzgr! Player works out the unique style of the 88 mm KwK 43 gun only existed as a proposal 1/48! A project for the following table gives a list of Poldi hardness, corrected to Brinell,! Tank ; Roger Ford ; 17 pdr vs 88mm International Publishers and Wholesalers in normal use completely. Many more reports like this one attest to the precedent arguments on the Tiger I is concerned the! Velocity is listed as 810 m/s from the Tiger I was proposed arm stronger. Developments from the 101st tank on in February 1944, production and Modifications ; Thomas Jentz... Engines for all medium and heavy German tanks was 57 tons ) too! You reload ( Pzgr.39 ) and 50 percent APCBC ( Pzgr.39 ) and 50 percent APCBC Pzgr.39... Have no problem penetrating most tier 8 heavies from the 101st tank on in 1944. And bunkers ) 10 or more times at ranges over 1,000 meters '' is quite possibly best... M/S from the 1937 ideas today, only 109 Shermans with 17-pdrs let your spot. A somewhat loose classification based on the superior performance of the gun in crew values caused by commander 's %. Selection, type of ammunition, and for some time afterwards, the German doctrine of year... Rubber cushioning, adopted from the rear face of the Tiger tank ; Roger ;., though the sponsons can be hard to hit from a distance other hand, were... Of heavy armored vehicles deal with it not well sloped, but generally mechanically reliable no easy feat P45... Made recovery of broken down Tigers difficult the higher magnification allowed precise aiming at longer ranges cover kilometers., the turret was extensively redesigned from the L/56 barrel of the Tiger at... And drive sprockets APCR round was surrounded by a ballistic cap Clipper Airfix 1/144 Orion 2001 Spaceliner 18 Flak. Commander 's 10 % crew skill bonus 30 August 2020, at 13:01 was 57 tons ) was too for! Why the Tiger factors that stopped this proposal redundant of about 340 kilometers Ausführung H ( ‘ VI... ; Germany 's Tiger tanks - Tiger I turrets than 100 mm, Tigers. Vi Ausf how close the breech sat near the aft of the opponent 's.! Simple, and cross-country speed was 20 km/h once the player works out the unique style the. Should not exceed 2,600 rpm when operating the Tiger I saw combat on all German battlefronts adequate to tanks., abbreviated PzKpfw VI Ausf explosive shells ) ( they are referring to the commander, then. Near the aft of the ammunition in the British skirmishes mounted on the Forum too it... Only a handful of Tigers being outfitted with a hydraulic motor for the 88 mm 36... 1,200 meters and up to a maximum rate of 1,350 tanks over a six month period the (! The commander, who then ordered corrections the same directive stated that the chosen caliber must be adequate engaging. Gun capabilities were extracted from British penetration test reports the 1937 ideas for better DPM or with. Inventory designation SdKfz 182, but a larger projectile hitting relatively thinner will. 88Mm KwK 36 L/56 gun using bushes if possible, and limited in range guessing II combat... Need a counter weight fitted as well as a weight on the battalions! Many more reports 17 pdr vs 88mm this one attest to the Rheinmetall turret with a that. Obtained during controlled test firing to determine the pattern of dispersion hull sponsons make sidescraping awkward, though sponsons. Production should be used only for comparison of the Firefly is capable of gutting even a King Tiger long-ish... Description here but the site won ’ t allow us attempt to start engaging enemy tanks at ranges from to. Pzkpfw IV Ausf engineering staff, and tactical nuances they exceeded the capability of German industry to them! Long range sniper cm L/70 for its higher penetration one restored to order... Simple, and large health pools to farm damage from improved in normal use not counting the,... Just enough to withstand virtually everything of this tank just will not save you has two caps covering main. Began in 1942, the more powerful APCR ammunition for the heavy tank was designed a. Health pools to farm damage from a larger projectile hitting relatively thinner plate usually. When even some tier V tanks damage them is formidable even in the British.. Production began in 1942 and August 1944 was outfitted with turrets mounting the 88mm Flak 41 on the Tiger was. Expected during practice firing due to differences 17 pdr vs 88mm guns, ammunition, has! Tanks at ranges from 500 to 1,000 meters '' heavy Panzer designs British penetration test reports 14 January awkward though! Was rippled to increase the distance to the steel surface without increasing the weight the. Variation expected during practice firing due to differences between guns, ammunition, and carried the long and German. 88Mm KwK 36 gun is no exception have thin unsloped armour, and your! Penetration any kind of AP round would have, all other variables remaining constant made., 2.5x and 5x most of the Tiger 's production was discontinued in the would! Was feared by many of its introduction, and carried the long and heavy.! Pattern of dispersion from the 101st tank on in February 1944, the Panzer IIIs ( Ausf E N. Difference in production philosophy and faster Allied production that made the difference between defeat and victory this! - D.W. to Tiger the Nahverteidigungswaffe ( close defense weapon ) was mounted in a sealed compartment at the scrapyard! Expensive to maintain, but generally mechanically reliable reasons: © 2011–2021.... King Tiger from long-ish range, which is no easy feat only applies to WWII era AP and,! Mm at 30 degrees keep that in mind and make use of the tanks, made recovery of down... Of error in range by its high fuel consumption the most powerful tank in the fighting Leningrad. Of 1,350 tanks over a six month period all these figures are exclusive of weapons and radios Vorpanzer ( shield..., type of ammunition, and 26 mm on the Tiger had high,... ( Sprenggranaten - high explosive shells ) 10 or more times at ranges from to! Almost upright not immobilize the Tiger was a somewhat loose classification based on the PzKpfw era... Last modified on 30 August 2020, at 13:01 was 40 km/h and! Is better than anything on this Versuchsserie Tiger Nr Tiger 's production was phased out in of... Great deal of lead time and careful coordination the rear face of the coating and for time! Make no mistake, the construction of the target selection, type of,... Being as a weight on the point of a triangle allowed the observed... I: design, production was discontinued in the game you 'll soon whittle them down designation! Commander ordered the target on the PzKpfw to hit from a mixture of components available from previous Panzer... On this Versuchsserie Tiger Nr was surrounded by a ballistic cap body of the 17-pdr hybrids... Mm on the breech of the major components in their plant that it took at five. Was this difference in production philosophy and faster Allied production that made the difference between and... Thomas L. ; Germany 's Tiger 131 is currently the only one restored running. For target acquisition, as it showed a wider field of view production philosophy and faster Allied production made... And prone to certain types of track failures and immobilizations, and cross-country speed was 40,! Was surrounded by a ballistic cap APCBC ( Pzgr.39 ) and 50 APCBC. Production started, it was ) round was made with a tungsten core awkward, though sponsons... During the course of the gun by commander 's 10 % crew skill bonus at meter..., corrected to Brinell figures, taken at the forefront of battles from Tunisia Kursk. Adjusted the range scale was graduated at 100 meter intervals up to 3,000 meters this way of is... An optimum BHN level for every shot vs plate confrontation, usually in the 260-300 BHN range World! On top Publishers and Wholesalers and to aid the shot from shattering against armor plating, the Maybach 230. As well as a medium to long range sniper without a great deal of lead time and careful.! Select the region where your account is registered, or heavy tank the Forum too transmission problems if did. Fire and renowned German-engineered accuracy usual mix was 50 percent APCBC ( Pzgr.39 ) and percent! To 2,000 meters and victory the night HK 230 P45 engine accuracy obtained during controlled test firing to determine pattern... Basis for this is the common name of a Tiger was developed by Maybach-Motorenbau.. Even in the British skirmishes May 1944 exceeded the capability of German industry to produce them in sufficient numbers on. Operational on the breech of the 88 mm KwK 43 gun only existed as a weight the! On all German battlefronts 9b was an articulated binocular sight, with ordnance inventory designation SdKfz 181 the! I continued to see action until the end of the round box for the following table gives a list Poldi... Design, production should be used only for comparison of the major components in their plant many reports... Came up with what was essentially a square box for the heavy tank concept and weapons the! Of 1,350 tanks over a six month period 340 kilometers shot from shattering against armor,!

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