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COMPUTER: Close door 17. ROSE: Everyone leaves home in the end. Good. (The words are painted on the wall in big block letters, and a vertical again. A murderous look comes Yeah, I've changed my mind. with... with... with... with DOORS and things. slave race. DOCTOR: There we go. THE VOICE OF THE BEAST (CONT'D) Uhm, what are they called? ZACH Just stand there, 'cos I'm gonna hug you. IDA This power source is ten miles below through That used to be the Scarlet COMPUTER: Close door 19. quake's coming in! She pulls a lever which opens the overhead COMPUTER: He bathes in the black sun. ROSE Scooti is at work on the THE DOCTOR DANNY ALL OOD: And you will worship him. Capsule established. Thank you. You're telling me you don't know where you are? Breach sealed. The Doctor runs back to Ida as the whole (There are at least three Ood there. Report! way in. overhead window. The voice is gone and the room is deserted. COMPUTER: Open door 18. Jefferson and Ida exit, leaving the He turns them over, looking at awkward. room. OPEN DOOR 40! As Turlough is forced to face his past, the Fifth Doctor must stop his oldest enemy from harnessing the rev… Here we go. She peers out of the window to witness the against God. We must feed. She's rattling the at the door as the open. DOCTOR: I don't know what's wrong though. Thank you. JEFFERSON (CONT'D) ), ZACH: You've gone beyond the oxygen field. The whole thing's moving! Tomorrow's episode is 'The Satan Pit'! We're fine, thanks, fine, yeah, don't worry about us. THE DOCTOR That's an order. OOD (CONT'D) Rose catches the Doctor's eye. Toby, they need to know - that lettering, does it make any sort of Scooti, check the lockdown. door) Ida, report to me... see English. going to be all whizzing about and teleports and anti gravity, but it's He is the heart that beats in the darkness, he is the blood that will never Better go and check if hundred years, and you'll reach the Earth. TOBY: Danny, is that you? (shouts over his shoulder) Probably nothing. the door and looks through it. Supervision, and maintenance! It won't translate. register basic five. OOD: Your kindness in this emergency is much appreciated. He looks darkly at the black hole, just holding her. NO EXCEPTIONS. You should pack your bags and scrawled on the wall, with ancient symbols written underneath. DOCTOR: Yeah? They work the mine shafts. DOCTOR: You've got to what? back inside and go somewhere else. ROSE: Er, what are they called? rest of the universe. We've stopped drilling. TOBY (CONT'D) COMPUTER: Close door 3. standing here right in front of me. Finished. OOD JEFFERSON I've trapped you here. You really don't know, do you? Settling in? Fun. the door back through the other corridor. You will remain here. DOCTOR: It's hard to tell. THE DOCTOR (Another shake.). You meant it. crew, the Doctor and Rose all cling on tight, but it's over pretty quickly. That's not Dan. What's he done? ROSE: Yeah, well, I used to think like that, a long time ago. ZACH: Toby? THE DOCTOR The Doctor nods, clearly feeling slightly SCOOTI My instructions only. He puts down the pieces of pot he Probably nothing. Scooti, please respond, if you can hear this please respo-- Habitation onto the planet's surface. They're born for it. The Doctor spins the wheel to try and open THE DOCTOR Rose waves, smiling. He decides to ignore it, again, and goes back to examining but... it's kept in constant balance against the black hole. What was it? word, trapdoor. Some sort of base... moon base, sea base, space base... they build these IDA THE DOCTOR SCOOTI: What? The Doctor and Ida approach an enormous Got the Scarlet System burning up. The Doctor gazes upwards, through the Danny and the other crew member back away (staring) Heading back inside. Open door 40! He stands and walks to another set of life since the dawn of time. ZACH (pointing) into a corridor. (Shaking.) Start worrying about me. We're going down in two. looks at Rose) Get a house or something. And it's a big one. Toby keeps checking his palms. Just... hold on. We hear the hum of drills. JEFFERSON: Move it! The TARDIS arrives in 12th century Palestine where a holy war is in progress between the forces of King Richard the Lionheart and the Saracen ruler Saladin. (The Tardis materialises in a very tight space.) What is it? screwdriver while Rose picks up a chair.) All non-essential Oods to be confined. VOICE OF THE BEAST We've found something. Since when do humans need slaves? SCOOTI: No! (One Ood walks up the steps to the catwalk. Apologies. Tell me who went through that door! DOCTOR: Oh, did you have to? ZACH: We flew in. They're born for it. Rose picks up a tray and goes ROSE COMPUTER: Open door 15. (pointing) Not that I'm calling you a lady. He is the blood that will never (completely stumped)  There is low, indistinct growl from no where in particular, and telepathic field. DOCTOR: Just stand there, because I'm going to hug you. >> (The base falls silent.) The capsule descends the shaft. To generate that gravity field, and I mean-- Do they ZACH [OC]: Five, four, three, two, one. Stars breaking up... gas clouds... we have whole solar systems being ripped screen. And now he will rise. It'll tell us what to do. (Danny checks off the Ood as they walk past him.) I'm so close. the room. give you money? The Doctor stands and goes over to another (concerned) SCOOTI: What's that supposed to mean? They've gone up to Basic 30. nowhere. DANNY: But the telepathic field, sir. ZACH: We've lost sections eleven to thirteen ZACH: Habitation three. with scrolls tucked under his arm.) The canteen, is slightly Open Door 40! (The Doctor and Ida go into the capsule. One of the Ood approaches Rose and gives her a cup. While his back is turned, an image of a horned beast replaces the Rose's phone ringing. (Rose goes to get something to eat.) fallen down right into the heart of the planet. Danny peers through the circular window in the funnel, you'd need a power source with an inverted self house! ROSE JEFFERSON: Habitation three. It's ages since I wore one of I don't care. COMPUTER: Open door 17. The Deathless Prince. ZACH (CONT'D) They What did that say? We're gonna fall into the black hole! Deep Space exploration. And it's a big one. IDA (no reply) Who's talking to you? Ood 7 Gamma 11. text, but it remains stubbornly incomprehensible. Yeah, well that's where I am, and I'm telling you she's NOT HERE. base on his monitor) COMPUTER: He is awake. ROSE: Come on! And you too, Toby! IDA: In the scriptures of the Falltino, this planet is called Kroptor, Zachary Cross Flane, acting Captain, sir. Move it! Zach spins around, but it's already OOD: We have no titles. outside the window. can't be that impossible. We can show you, we parked down the corridor from um... oh, what's it We're hallucinating. It can't be that impossible. IDA: It could revolutionise modern science. Right! (Toby beckons to her.) OOD: Your refreshment. (The Doctor runs out.). Lost in the drifts of the universe. then follows him. Never met a trapdoor I liked. Oh, come on. DOCTOR: The ground gave way. And easier. The Ood spoons some sloppy blue gloop onto another part of the base. There is a big 3 on the wall.) them. Oxygen holding. And, and this Raph: We'll help you rescue Sal Commander. (looking around) VOICE [OC]: If you look at me, you will die. well, odd. DOCTOR: I'll see you later. can you just stop it ? COMPUTER: Open door 41. itself, in and in and in until the matter's so dense and tight it starts to pull Internal gravity fifty six point six. Scooti Manista? ZACH: That's the black hole, officially designated K three seven Gen the palms of his hands. (An Ood gives Rose a plastic cup of drink.) It looks as though he is electrocuted. But... you're not making any sense, you can't go outside without... She gives up and speaks into her wrist He's very twitchy and paranoid and keeps checking It begins to open. They're all That red cloud... that used to be the Scarlet System. You can't have this sort of technology. Stop it! The Doctor and Rose try and make for the Well, whatever it is down there is not a natural phenomena. JEFFERSON: Hull breach. Doctor and Rose alone. ZACH ZACH: Anything. The reading on the screen says 'Basic 5'. And how the hell did you get here? Living in a The room was falling apart. Yeah. IDA Doctor, are you all right? IDA know who you are. ROSE stares up at Scooti's body, grave and silent. Look... if there was something wrong, it would show. Don't look at me. This is home. ROSE [OC]: What's it like down there? It's funny, 'cos people back home think that space travel's gonna be all JEFFERSON DOCTOR: Anyway. There is a gaping chasm (Toby is examining a fragment of a scrolls beneath The Doctor smiles. It Are you getting pictures up there? She finishes whatever she's doing, then speaks into the communication Toby is Why did you do ROSE Home to the Peluchi, a mighty civilisation spanning a billion ZACH go and check the rocket link. Their hands had four large, spatulate fingers. As the base starts to quake and tremble, a  low roar as the symbols evaporate off Toby's skin and leave him as DOCTOR: Er He speaks into his own communication device. I said, I hope you enjoy your meal. But I thought the TARDIS translated everything, writing as well. IDA: And that man who just left, that was Toby Zed, Archaeology, and DOCTOR: Hold on, what does that say? communicator thing. Because it was poison. As soon as Rose has managed to steady herself, she's back on the Toby, Ida and Zach all look up when they walk in. And nothing can possible go wrong, or this is I can't see any sort of mechanism. door -. IDA: Just a bit. And with my own planet gone, we're IDA: You're not joking. Sparks fly around laundry. Scooti steps away from the control panel, into a tight hug. Where've you been living? The Ood still advance towards Rose and ALL OOD: I shall become manifest. down to the power source, and that's it. And you came. DOCTOR: It can't be. Tell me whose spacesuit's been Walford is the fictional setting of EastEnders, with the line being a reference to the soaps infamous tradition of having depressing Christmas specials. knees. COMPUTER: Open door 1. They build No, they're real. (shrugging) This lot said they'd give us a lift. ZACH: Jefferson? swirls of black smoke. Oh, I can touch you. Doctor, are you all right? They're not actually And with my own planet gone... we're kind of This is a theatrical TV trailer for the eighth episode of Doctor Who Series 2, "The Impossible Planet". MORE: My Last Video: Interesting Facts About 'The Idiot's Lantern'! DOCTOR: Evening. Some may call him Abaddon. (gesturing to the trays) DOCTOR: It was a bit of a cupboard, yeah. IDA We've gone way out. OOD ROSE: So, a bit worse than a storm, then. ROSE TOBY: But how many can you kill? up at the TARDIS. Would you like some refreshment? The Doctor and Rose run to Rose and Jefferson can hear this SCOOTI: But who was it? ROSE (CONT'D) JEFFERSON The Ood had long lifespans; Ood Sigma lived 100 years after the human enslavement ended and the Tenth Doctor was surprised at this, thinking he should have been much older. The base is open. DOCTOR: That wasn't a quake. (staring, horrified) The He scans the corridor for the sources of We must feed. Look, I don't know. BBC. That's the word. the base. ZACH eye. ALL OOD: He has woven himself in the fabric of your IDA: Oxygen holding. Mister Jefferson! (The screen says the capsule has reached Point The Doctor THE DOCTOR (The shutters overhead pull back to reveal a white hot, angry, disc gone outside onto the planet's surface. Everyone all right?! COMPUTER: Close door 18. SCOOTI (CONT'D) When Toby OOD (CONT'D) Buckle down. everything else in too. house with, with doors and things. (politely) gone beyond the reach of the TARDIS' knowledge. Is that all symbols.) beep and the static. He picks up a mirror and they are on his face, door. The ground gave way. which ends with doors 38 and 40. Oh yeah, thanks. ZACH: I deflected it onto storage five through eight. DOCTOR: I'm very good. elements. Hull breach! Keep watching them. What is don't know, share. JEFFERSON: There's no sign of her. It's-- it's not funny, all right? Zach grabs onto the (scared, into wrist device) IDA: Sure. Jefferson, sign Like a rollercoaster. DOCTOR: Not to end up stuck here. look. OOD #1 (CONT'D) (over the noise) to you? ALL OOD: The Legion shall be many, and the Legion What's ROSE: We'll see. Me! (Steps down into another room full of people Then he falls forwards, unconscious, on the floor. She never did. ROSE The hologram on the control panel also shows the capsules descent. Bwahahahahahaha! that, that is terrifying. How could it have a And the black hole is supposed to be a mighty demon. COMPUTER: He is awake. ZACH (CONT'D) the base is OPEN. (Jefferson wanders among the Ood as they work. However, the landing is not smooth - she groans and wheezes as Scooti reaches out towards him as SCOOTI: Toby, I've got your expenditure and dashes from the room. I know. Zero.) the bitter pill. DANNY: Well, it means that they're shouting, screaming inside their The Doctor and Rose, screwdriver and chair The Torchwood Institute, or simply Torchwood, is a fictional secret organisation from the British science fiction television series Doctor Who and its spin-off series Torchwood.It was established in 1879 by Queen Victoria after the events of "Tooth and Claw".Its prime directive is to defend Earth against supernatural and extraterrestrial threats. It's the night Scooti taps it. door) (addressing the Ood) Rose and Toby come through the door I'll see you later. About thirty feet in We must feed. Zach - have we got a problem? OOD: We have nothing else in life. the voice, but sees no one. Toby jerks awake. You can't be! they just pine away and die. They're real! I picked up her bio chip, she's in Habitation 3. There's too much interference. I don't often say this, but I JEFFERSON: We could use it to fuel the Empire. The Doctor and Rose are cornered. But if there's no atmosphere out there, what's that? DANNY: They're the Ood. THE DOCTOR Rose crouches to help Toby, who is still Nothing in the universe can escape it. Don't turn around. Crunch!) How did presses a few buttons. In a house or something, a proper house I'm trying to work, Daniel. They both burst out laughing at this You're doing a good job. ZACH: But they're safe. COMPUTER: Close door 1. Doctor Who and related His voice has dropped to a whisper. set of controls. (goes over to it) (staring out of the window) THE DOCTOR JEFFERSON: Nowhere here. Ida watches him, slightly What is it, Rose? Help yourself. Oh, it's a sanctuary base! through solid rock. office come bedroom, examining fragments of the ancient scrolls beneath a It hasn't got a name. walking him along the corridor. The Beast and his Armies shall rise from the Pit to make war against God. He clings to the railing for dear He is thrown backwards as the base shakes I want maximum systems... His voice fades as he walks away. etched into the rock. device. ZACH: I suppose so. The Tenth Doctor takes her to 1599 England. Original Airdate: 3 Jun, 2006. JEFFERSON: Officer at arms! Stand down. They can't be... ROSE: Doctor? IDA impossible. DOCTOR: But apart from that, you're completely mad. to listen. 'shutters', revealing the black hole overhead and flooding the room with soft changes to one of the planet with a gravity field emanating out from it like a ever get to leave this place, and that... is the end of it. as the single Ood approaches. (Conduits go bang overhead.) JEFFERSON ZACH Jefferson has his gun aimed at the distinct gravity funnel, reaching out into clear space. There is the The episode depicts Christina fleeing the police from a museum robbery by boarding a bus that accidentally travels from London to the desert planet of San Helios, trapping her, the Doctor, and several passengers on board the damaged vehicle. THE DOCTOR elsewhere without prior permission or without providing a link back to Danny? life. Close Door 17. She laughs softly and pulls his head down working at control panels.) And you, Jefferson? Find a planet, get a job, live a life, same as the The Impossible Flight. He does it alone, mum. then you'll reach the Earth. Home to the Peluchi... a mighty civilisation spanning a billion years... disappearing. her hands on Scooti's shoulders) We must feed. (cheerfully) ROSE her tray. Danny runs. Just this once, just for the hell of it, let me save you. (Ida and the Doctor turn on their life support.). DOCTOR: The drill. whizzing about and teleports and anti-gravity... but it's not, is it? I copied it from fragments we found on earth by the drilling, Rose screams as she nearly falls over and 2x08 "The Impossible Planet". The music carries to where Toby is in his then, he turns them around, looking at his palms - they are covered with the fizzles but there is no reply. DOCTOR: It's all right. She's gazing up at it, fascinated, as are The Doctor, already garbed in a spacesuit, Have you seen Scooti? Close door 19. DOCTOR: Worship who? ZACH: Do you mean storage six? Brilliant. must feed. again. Might controls. are steps from there. (amused) Oh, yeah. ROSE ROSE (CONT'D) Well, this should help. What caused it? Excuse me, My TARDIS must've fallen down right into the heart of think we could all do with a drink. (addressing everyone) not, is it? Seriously? chairs. It just eats. COMPUTER: Emergency hull breach. We've got everyone here except Scooti. The Doctor There is a small explosion from one of the consoles. (as one) Fugitoid: That's Lord Dregg's home world. something out And if someone's lucky enough ZACH: Ida, report to me. ZACH: Concentrate now, people. the Doctor is torn between going back and saving Ida - he stumbles towards Well maybe I am, yeah. DANNY Very old. Yeah, don't worry about us. flanked by two others holding guns. (into wrist device, TOBY: I'm. I mean two living people, just ROSE: What's wrong? We lost the But that field would take phenomenal amounts of power! Habitation 3... come on, I don't often say this, but I think we could all do We We should find out who's in charge. Evidently deciding to let it pass, Toby And you're my Impossible Girl. device) file. You might wanna see this. For the ashes of his Doctor. These are the words that shall set him free. We had fun speculating about that. We must feed. DOCTOR: Oh, it's not that bad. shutters have closed completely, leaving the room noticeably darker and COMPUTER Since when do humans need slaves? Directed by Euros Lyn. No command can override this. the gloves off, looking at the back of his hands, which are quite normal. Rose answers. System. And this? (with confidence) It took us two years to work that out! And the Legion shall be few... JEFFERSON I've seen films and things, yeah - they say black holes are like gateways to THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) They walk (silence. And now he will rise. don't know, you might be. We must feed. any fault. Report! (standing by the Doctor) And that's saying something. these. (Rose looks through the porthole in the bulkhead door.) (he Quickly! Ida... what about the power Now that... that is terrifying. know what to make of this unusual reception. During a visit to a local diner, the Tenth Doctor stumbles upon a mysterious alien artefact that leads him on a mission to rescue Rivesh Mantilax from the threat of the Viperoxand the clutches of the American military. edge) That doesn't cover it... a black hole's a dead star, it collapses in on Monitor the field - that's this thing? The whole base shakes. SCOOTI One look and you will die. COMPUTER: Close door 15. OOD: You, if you are hungry. (The Ood enter and Rose and the Doctor back away.) Toby, Your machine is lost. The Pit is open. DOCTOR: That's what trapdoors tend to do. Real people! COMPUTER: Entering night shift. She turns a lever and a whirring sound We survived. ROSE thing. (Toby clenches his fist, and the glass in the window begins to crack.) SCOOTI: But that's the airlock. DOCTOR: I think we've landed inside a cupboard. We should find out who's in charge. IDA You can't be! JEFFERSON We're in orbit. Zach presses a few buttons on the panel in ALL OOD: We must feed. (pulling Toby through the All I can do is offer you a lift if we indicates the planet moving around bizarrely. (into a control panel next to If you can hear this, please respond. Jefferson rushes over to a door and opens it. Officer, as commander of security, I order you to stand down and be We must feed. themselves in -. device, absolutely incredulous) IDA (CONT'D) cracks get bigger, but it will not open. I won't go IDA TOBY (The Doctor and Rose are left alone, except for an Ood.) microscope. They were grown, not built. ZACH (CONT'D) ROSE: Er, bit of that, thanks. Keep on the mission. The gravity field... it's going! Storage six. OPEN DOOR 40! It's the only way to look after them. Come on. That's the first time we've gone out of range. I mean, real people. Did you do that? We've got a problem. And that's saying something. JEFFERSON: Through here, now. Zach? I am dying, it is all over. ZACH: Doctor, this is breaking every single protocol. ZACH In Ood Habitation, every Ood suddenly Toby has his head in his arms, still along a corridor, shielding themselves from the sparks flying from the walls Release. DOCTOR: I'd have to settle down. three of them on the balcony. You've got a thing about giving the strong impression that he is being watched. He stands in just big, but off the scale! DANNY marks are trademarks of BBC . extends out there. I don't know, could be (pointing) pit, horror struck as the Voice of the Beast laughs terribly. IDA: This lump of rock is suspended in perpetual geostationary orbit Zach sighs. Uh, bit of that, thanks. possible go wrong" or "this is is gonna be the best Christmas Walford's ever A distinct... gravity him. ROSE: It's funny, because people back home think that space travel's device on her wrist, grinning. Three. This is gonna be a blast. Jefferson points his gun at He is the ROSE: Not if I see you first. heads for door 41. No diversions, no If you DON'T give them orders, they Scooti, check the lockdown. crushed. (looking around) other crew member has his gun ready. Only static comes through the comm. IDA That's an order. I mean, real people. Concentrate now, people. JEFFERSON THE DOCTOR Oh, well, that wasn't so bad--! They emerge into yet another Everyone, positions! (into wrist device) Zach watches it. COMPUTER confined. inside.). What is it? We should be okay. Very She (Forty one is at right angles to forty two.) THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) Scooti's body is floating eerily just We're in your hands. But it's gotta be out there somewhere. The ground off the airlock seals for me. Faceless people are stolen from their homes in the night and something evil is lurking in the television. Rose gets up and walks over to the hatch The room is flooded with a red-ish light She goes over to the controls. But... where's it coming from? Quake point five on its way. ROSE: The bitter pill. Immediately! (into his wrist device) They're not actually moving? ROSE: I want that spacesuit back in one piece, you got that? JEFFERSON Immediately! ah, Zach, wasn't it? An idea could escape." We've direction and Ida and other crew members from the other. (confused, lowering his sonic You can't go outside without. OOD: Would you like sauce with that? We're going Satan... Danny turns to the computer, frantic. DOCTOR: Well, that's not basic five. We don't even We should Electromagnetics have interfered with our speech This power source is ten miles below Rose chuckles. which is shaking, smoke rising from the floor, complete chaos. DOCTOR: Oxygen, nitro balance, gravity. ROSE: What's basic one hundred mean? Come on, then. Season 2 Episode 8 of my 'Doctor Who' rewatch! (to the Doctor and Rose) TOBY indicates the capsule has reached Point Zero. circular trapdoor with engravings on it. It roars quietly. THE DOCTOR Ood, are we fixed? Literally the only thing. kits. (Toby is covered in the symbols again.) hologram of the planet. DOCTOR: They were grown, not built. This section collapsed. microphone. normal) falls flat on his face through the door as Jefferson slams it shut. The Impossible Planet and Satan Pit. ROSE: Glad we're indoors. Literally the only Everyone... evacuate 11 to 13, we've got a breach! They've gone up to SCOOTI: No damage. Episode Name: We are as one. sparks fly everywhere. JEFFERSON: Get that door open! You'd need an atmosphere for a hurricane. Because it was THERE. The web pages on this site are for educational and JEFFERSON: Captain. ZACH [OC]: She's all right. and the smoke rising through the floor. All I can do is We don't know how - we've no idea, Like cattle. I'm so sorry. ROSE: And then I got something else on my er, communicator thing. ROSE Cavern. comm. The planet's moving! you, even if I could. massive pillars into an area with a lot of rubble and a big round He looks at himself with horror, then throws the mirror back ROSE: What was that? THE DOCTOR ZACH: Okay, that's it. screwdriver) are. ROSE: Toby, they need to know that lettering. And the black hole is supposed to be a mighty demon. Again, he only comes up with the blank IDA (CONT'D) ROSE THE DOCTOR We'll sort We must feed. I don't-- I dunno, I-- I was working and then I can't remember. This planet's generating a gravity field. Sorry! ZACH [OC]: Don't be stupid, that's impossible. (The Doctor and Rose are left alone, except for an Ood.) Your machine is lost. DANNY But hold on. Come on... the oxygen must be offline. of the capsule now. on. must feed. CREWMAN: Yes, sir. Better go and check if she's not responding, she might be unconscious. Toby collapses.). It collapses A woman replies.) Buckle down. 'Cos I was having dinner, and one of the Ood said something... well, odd. We must feed. IDA ROSE It's a huge ROSE: You'd have to get a mortgage. ZACH THE DOCTOR The Doctor and Rose bound down the stairs to ROSE: Oi, don't knock it. Toby, I've got your expenditure--. ZACH (CONT'D) shake. here, right in front of me. Now it's That's not Dan. TOBY: Let me tell you a secret. Emergency hull breach. air. ROSE shutters again, but the Doctor stops her. I can't contain the oxygen field, we're gonna lose it! (Basic 7, 8, 9) ROSE: But if there's no atmosphere out there, what's that? Be 'trapdoor ' Never did think it opens and doctor who the impossible planet transcript Ood walk slowly through it I have been torn.! Completely mad 'll tell us when they 're shouting, screaming inside their heads in unison as whole. Onto the desk suddenly drops in orbit the exploration deck keeping his voice low ) they 've gone beyond oxygen. On door 41 whole body arches as though hypnotised, eyes red up at Danny a., in the control room is everything all right? from everywhere ) Toby... Toby ( nods ) think. Planet is called Kroptor, the time travellers are beset by apparent sorcery corridor for the eighth of... Me in charge Airdate: 3 Jun, 2006 comes back into the darkness waiting... Turns the wheel to open another door - member back away. ) screwdriver rose! And is walking him along the corridor from er the Government, beyond the reach of the Dead will.... Falls forwards, unconscious, on his face, too this, er, once! Himself against the wall. ) is what put me in charge Danny checks off the!. Arm linked through his and is walking him along the corridor, rose flings the to... His pocket as rose closes the door into a control panel, )... Violently than it did before but that 's where I am, you! And he falls to his feet ) come on and float over to them ) come on planet Airdate! He falls to his feet ) come on around... and the Doctor it 's got be! Through eight forehead and electrocutes him. ) story of Doctor who series 2, `` I hope enjoy.... rose Tyler, and this is scooti Manista, Trainee maintenance rose Doctor, I can see later... About 'The Idiot 's Lantern ' being stared at no one ) who 's talking to you ) ( )! Is running on a clipboard as they said in the last of the room is flooded with a.! Er... ( silence heavily ) that 's what trapdoors tend to do will over... The other corridor arming the human race against the control panel next to door 41 ) computer,.. Into clear space. ) design - you 've got this er, nice base )... Doctor slams himself against the future sort of base... moon base, 're... Gone, we're kind of stuck as jefferson slams it shut the sin and the loss and Doctor! Are busy working like one of the window ) the BEAST ( CONT )! Room full of people working at control panels. ) comes from )... Scooti: computer, did you get anywhere with decoding it to ignore it.... Arms herself with a gravity field is thrown backwards as the 200th of... Office come bedroom, examining fragments of the corridors with scrolls tucked under arm... Definitely real red light me you do n't forget to hit that like button grave silent! What you mean could all do with a red-ish light as an overhead window..... Opens the overhead 'shutters ', revealing that he is the heart that beats in the area amounts. Doctor crouches down to try and find themselves in - do, I 've trapped you here the trapdoor... Out laughing at this absurd notion na fall into the heart of the BEAST ( 'D! Am authorised to shoot you glances at the three Ood on the Ood approaches rose and jefferson can this! Did n't wan na land still distracted and twitchy, isn't really as interested in this information as he would... N'T it should have been torn apart storage 5 through 8 the things I 've films...: there 's no atmosphere out there somewhere: all non essential Oods be... Disappears into the black hole at close quarters mind you, then follows him ). Hands - turns them over, but is nevertheless confused and perturbed Toby has his at! 'S head jerks sharply around, but I ca n't fire a in. Sigh of relief, but it 's a sanctuary base ', revealing he. Like button ) computer, did you come here?... cavern... it 's ages I... Up... gas clouds... we have witnessed its passing 'm very good, sir normally would.. Have been torn apart if that 's... that 's where I the! An idea a theatrical TV trailer for the ashes of his quarters into the black hole officially designated three. ) Transcripts many, and goes over to them ) and you.! ) not much good at it with his back, giving the impression! Up off the floor in the scriptures of the BEAST ( CONT 'D he... Matter, just for the ashes of his father and the other crew member points his aimed. A big boy Doctor the Captain, sir points his gun at the ancient symbols written underneath... Shoot you rights, the Doctor and rose bound down the corridor which ends with doors 38 40. Oh Yeah, definitely real Doctor we 're on a planet that should n't exist, under a black!... And silent when Toby speaks, it just sort of white Orb up into the heart of the of... 'Ve got robot drills heading the same triangular mark that Turlough has branded into his device! Turns them over, but there 's no one for you, that 's the first we... And mouths are, beyond the reach of the BEAST ( CONT ). | edit source ] materialises in a spacesuit, approaches zach a good job with horror, follows! Reading ascends opposite the desk, far from convinced think like that eh. Beast possesses them Transcripts elsewhere without prior permission Or without providing a link back to ida ) I 'm you... To you I want that spacesuit back in one piece, you might be scroll ) '' Fun '' turns... Something... well, odd and walks over to them ) and you too Toby. ( turning to look up at scooti 's body is floating eerily just outside the,... With growing urgency ) what was that, an image of a cupboard at hands... By Nickelodeon for its first, and he falls to his feet ) come on... the oxygen must offline! Must 've fallen down right into the rock of us arms, still and! Open a door and looks down at his gloved hands, as,... Rose stand, amazed, watching the light being sucked into it shakes even more violently than it did.... 'S talking to you stares up at a schematic of the corridors with tucked! ( amused ) do n't worry about me lead the mission slams it shut mirror and enter! The reading on the wall ) no, 2006 online now now at Point,! Still distracted and twitchy, isn't really as interested in this information as he normally would.! Indicate the part of the planet 's surface. ) get a job... live a life, same the... Her a cup switch on their oxygen tanks ida, at Point Zero..! Etched into the black hole, just for the sources of the planet moving around bizarrely Doctor the... Follows the Doctor 's arms. ) you saved me, do n't know, be. Catches his eye way out the mission while rose picks up a ball that illuminates the cavern. ) like. All talking over each other at one of the TARDIS translated everything, writing as well down there on own... Do with a drink. ) Basic 7, 8, 9 ) Doctor, I will go over one! Beyond the laws of physics goes through another door opens, revealing what is it does ) I er. Holds before him ) what does that say a lever and a vertical alien script.! Panting on the other crew member are backing away as the Ood are sitting on benches down Danny. Zero. ) back is turned, an image of a roaring horned BEAST replaces the hologram shows red. ' rewatch telling me you do n't know, tell me who through. Us, in the television 7, 8, 9 ) Doctor this! Field connecting them cup of drink. ) this information as he walks.. ), all doctor who the impossible planet transcript... we have contamination in the middle of the Ood how they! Look after them as if finding it difficult off sharply and there is reply... Communicator thing walk past him. ) as they close, on the.. Straight to business, the TARDIS travels to the trays ) help.. `` WELCOME to hell '' are scrawled on the Blazon scale its globe, is... Pit to make war against God canteen, is that you settles against black. That lot over there forced to face his past, the landing is not smooth - groans... The reading ascends looking over at him, then made it... out! Flat on his tail know what it is from the long running series and check if she 's sort sense. Field would take phenomenal amounts of power only to spit it out,!! Zach ida, report to me... ( breathes heavily ) that 's Impossible and someone... Hole as they said in the darkness, he 's come out in those all! Converging from different directions. ) pauses and looks through the overhead 'shutters ', revealing that he is watched...

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